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Wedding day timeline

Amber, on June 11, 2019 at 3:26 PM Posted in Planning 0 5
Help needed!! I have no idea where to start for a day-of timeline! I know I don’t want to do first look pictures and it all has to end at 11pm. If y’all could post your day of timeline that would help!


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  • Formerbride
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    Your vendors can help with this. Choose your ceremony time, cocktail hour and dinner time first. My photographer helped me create a timeline for photos and the DJ helped with the reception. I'm getting married on Friday and my timeline is rough but I'm not doing a lot of traditions.
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  • Clíodhna
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    Hi there Amber!

    The best way to build out your wedding day timeline is starting at the end (or with any concrete times) and working your way backward! As your reception has to end at 11PM, use this as the baseline to work backward from.

    Don't forget to speak with your photographer and beauty team to incorporate their timings in!

    Here are two super useful discussions which have happened in the community on this topic before, along with a WeddingWire article Smiley smile



    9 Wedding Day Timeline Rules Every Couple Should Follow

    Do you have a start time for your ceremony yet?

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  • Furture Mrs. G
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    Just for example here is mine so far.

    5:00 am

    Go decorate venue tables

    7:00 am

    Head over to my aunts house (that is where we are getting ready)

    We will eat maybe have a couple mimosas, take some pictures.

    1:30 pm

    The limo will pick all of us girls up at my aunts house

    2:00 pm

    The ceremony starts

    3:30 pm

    Ceremony is over


    Take pictures


    Limo will pick us back up and take us riding around time until we are ready to go to the reception


    Reception starts


    Mariachis are going to come play while we are wrapping up the food portion


    Party starts and ends!

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  • Carlee
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    This is our timeline so far

    8:00 to 12:30 - Hair and Makeup and then back to my bridesmaids house where we will hang out and snack/drink until the limo picks us up for the ceremony

    3:00 - 3:30 Ceremony

    4:00-5:00 - Pictures/Cocktail hour

    5:15 - Grand Entrance

    5:30 - Dinner, after dinner will be speeches and slide show

    7 - 1130 Reception

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  • FutureStephD
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    I agree about coordinating with vendors - I had a timeline and my DJ wanted to change something; then the venue wanted to the times plates were set down; and then my HMUA wanted to started earlier. Here's what we ended with:

    10:30am Hair and Makeup arrives at hotel

    11:00am lunch delivered

    Hair and Makeup begins in bridal suite

    12:00pm Photographers arrive

    1:00pm Florist brings bridal flowers to suite

    2:30pm Florist finishes setting up ceremony

    3:00pm Getting ready photos

    4:00pm Groom and attendents at hotel

    4:15pm Bridesmaids, Bride and FOB to bridal suite

    4:30pm Everyone walking down aisle in Medinah room (host room provided by hotel)

    4:55pm Close ceremony room doors/ no more guests allowed in

    5:00pm ceremony

    5:30pm cocktail hour and photos

    5:37 couple with grooms side

    5:39 Couple with grooms dad and stepmom

    5:41 Couple with grooms nuclear family

    5:43 couple with brides extended family

    5:45 couple with brides nuclear family

    5:47 couple with brides parents

    5:49 couple with MOGs extended family

    5:51 couple with MOG

    5:53 couple with MOGs nuclear family

    5:55 couple with bridal party

    6:00 bride and groom (must go see the tent set up by themselves!!)

    6:10-6:35 Photos of bride and groom

    6:30pm Bustle brides dress

    6:30pm reception

    Announcement to go to the tent and find seats

    time for bathroom, finding seats, mingling, etc etc

    Bridal party go to Medinah room, then lineup outside of tent

    6:45pm introduction/ entrances

    7:00pm Welcome

    Uncle Rob grace - BEGIN FOOD SERVICE

    Soeeches - DJ to announce

    8:00pm dinner service over?


    mother son

    father daughter

    bride and groom - open the dance floor

    12:00am THE END

    Hope that helps!

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