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Wedding Colors for Fall Wedding... Ideas?

robyn, on January 28, 2018 at 12:10 AM Posted in Style and Décor 0 7
Im leaning toward a Burgundy/ Maroon and gold color theme for my wedding in November... in NYC at a loft / event space. any of you have suggestions or thoughts on wedding decor ideas and stationary ? THANK YOU in advance!


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  • Megan
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    Megan ·
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    Late October bride here. 🙋🏼‍♀️
    These are my colors. Dusty rose/merlot wine/charcoal/ silver
    silver and the rose are my accents to add a lighter touch to the richer other colors.
    For something in a lofty area my first thought was cleaner lines/rose gold and burgundy would look great with some sparkle. (Not bling but like the sparkle effect you get from mercury glasses. Subtle.)

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  • MsToMrs
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    MsToMrs ·
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    We are getting married in September of this year. We opted for cream instead of blush.

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  • R
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    robyn ·
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    Oooh I like this! Great idea , thank you Smiley smile
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  • Carol
    Super April 2024
    Carol ·
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    I thought about getting married in October-Fall but didn’t want oranges or purples- I was going to do a dusty Blue, maroon, and gold!
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  • Kimberly
    Devoted November 2018
    Kimberly ·
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    Early November wedding here! We are doing a plum purple, burnt orange, and bright yellow color palette. Everybody we've talked to so far is so excited by our colors. Our first floral proposal was amazing because she said she was so inspired by the fall colors with the pop of yellow! I'm so excited!!
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  • futureJessicaRabbitt
    Savvy October 2018
    futureJessicaRabbitt ·
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    Wedding Colors for Fall Wedding... Ideas? 3My colors except for the pink (but I may put my flower girls in it). Maybe throw in an ivory or navy with the maroon and gold for your wedding?

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