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Walking Down The Aisle/How Much Time.....

z&k, on June 17, 2010 at 12:48 PM Posted in Planning 0 12

How is everyone "timing" their walk down the aisle vs. their aisle song? I've been told,just to take my time with my dad & to take the moment in.Great advice!Buuut,I'm still deciding if I want a Canon in D version or I'm really leaning towards The Feather Theme from Forrest Gump. Both are about 3 & 1/2 minutes long & I really would like the entire Feather Theme played.When I reach the altar,do FH & I take the moment in until the song is up? Or do we slowly fade out the music? I've been to alot of weddings,but never really paid any attention to the entrance song,once the bride gets to the altar!LOL! Any thoughts.....TFAI! (o:


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  • kelseyj
    VIP August 2010
    kelseyj ·
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    I'm having the same problem... I know what song I like but it's literally going to take me 45 seconds to make it down the aisle... haha... and I would rather the whole thing play... I think the song I wanted to walk to i'm going to have the BP walk down to since they will take up almost the whole song and I was thinking about playing that "Over the rainbow" song sung by the Hawaiian guy cuz that can fade out easily... but i don't think i'm doing that one for reals... I never paid attention either... haha...

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  • Charlotte
    Super June 2010
    Charlotte ·
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    We're using the Feather theme!! Too neat! I'm waiting until about the 20 second mark for the girls to go down, then at like the 30 or 45th second, I'll start our decent. I was wondering too do I fade it out or what, I'm thinking turning it down enough to be background music while the ceremony goes on. We're walking out to This Will Be (An Everlasting Love) - Natalee(sp) Cole.

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  • Greyash
    Master March 2011
    Greyash ·
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    My walk down the isle will take about 30 secs so Im just having the bridal march song playing then having it fade out as I get to the altar.

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  • Crystal
    Expert August 2010
    Crystal ·
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    I'm so A Type OCD that I timed out the song (Canon in D) at what second to start the song and certain second points that the DJ can afde out of if he needs to LoL Now, I doubt it will actually work out that well, but I tried LoL

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  • Bri-guy's Gal
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    Bri-guy's Gal ·
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    When I work weddings at church, I usually give the bride and groom about 10-20 sec of music when they are at the altar, then fade the music out so that the minister can begin the ceremony. I think that it seems to give everyone a moment to catch their breath.

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  • Devon Carpenter
    Devon Carpenter ·
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    I suggest fading it out. You can always start a few seconds into the song if you'd like to hear a later part of it. Standing at the front waiting for a song to end can feel like an eternity!

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  • C
    Savvy March 2014
    Cindy ·
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    I am thinking of having it fade out, then start it up again as we leave

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  • P
    Just Said Yes June 2015
    Private User ·
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    I'm having the same problem! I will most likely need to edit my song to fit the time span but I don't know what the typical time span for a walk is!

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  • A
    Just Said Yes March 2015
    Aja ·
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    I'm like Crystal! I have my song I hope it goes well I play it un my head and picture the space! Lol but I have no clue. PLUS I have musicians playing the song... Sooo no clue

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  • Amanda
    Just Said Yes April 2018
    Amanda ·
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    I love this so much, I've timed my Grandparents seating to the second...lets see how well that goes Smiley xd

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  • dancingwiththekumars
    Expert May 2018
    dancingwiththekumars ·
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    I think I had about 60' to walk, I walked slow but it probably took about 2 minutes.

    I had a religious Hindu wedding song as my entrance, but it was an instrumental version. So the DJ faded it out when I got to the Mandap (altar).

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  • Marisa
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    Marisa ·
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    Have you had your wedding yet? Did it work? Smiley smile
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