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Video/wedding Photo Disaster

OldSchoolKindaLove, on October 14, 2019 at 5:37 PM Posted in Married Life 0 4

So....my wedding was over a year ago at this point. I have unedited, blurry, dark, out of focus photos, and I have a short 1-2 minute teaser clip on youtube of my wedding day which was posted a few days after we got married. At this point, is it terrible to ask for refunds instead worrying about trying to get photos or a video?


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  • Cristy
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    I remember you posted previously about this, and the horrible quality of your photos. Is it even possible to get a refund this far after the fact? If so, then I would definitely try.

    If not, weren't you thinking about maybe trying to recreate some with your husband? Dress in your wedding clothes, and go to a park or something with a new photographer. Hire them for like a 2-hour shoot.

    I'm sorry if I'm confusing you with someone else. I thought you were the one considering this idea. I think it's a good one, if you can work it out.

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  • Julie
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    If they don't cordially refund you (and then Some) I would take them to small claims court. They have not delivered, the quality and timeliness are unacceptable. Not only should they give you the money, they should give you something for having to (possibly) hire another photographer! Leave them a terrible review, too. Photos are so important. I'm furious on your behalf! I'm so sorry you're having to deal with this
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  • Amanda
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    It was over a year ago, I think you’re way past getting a refund.
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  • OldSchoolKindaLove
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    I have contacted the videographer several times, and she kept stating she had family issues. I tried over and over again to meet up with her, but every time she would dodge my calls or forget we were supposed to meet. It's not like I waited a year without trying to get the video from her.

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