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Video/slide show

Abby, on February 12, 2019 at 2:34 AM Posted in Wedding Reception
Anyone know a good app to make a slide show of pictures/videos for the reception. It would be great to use my Mac book to make it!


  • Swtnss238
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  • Maggie
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    Maggie ·

    Hi Abby!! Welcome to WeddingWire!! I'm pretty sure Google has a feature where if you put a bunch of pictures into a folder, it can automatically make a little slideshow with it's own music. I would check in to that, because the one time I know it was done, it was on a phone, but it repeated itself and it was cute.

  • Alexandra
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    Alexandra ·

    You can use iMovie! It's pretty easy and should already be installed on your Mac.

  • Danielle
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    Danielle ·

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  • HayMrsO
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    I was going to suggest iMovie as well.

  • Jayla
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    Jayla ·

    Hey Abby!! Macbooks usually have iMovie which is a great app to take pictures and turn them into a video. If your computer doesn't come with it it can be downloaded in the app store. You can also try the Microsoft Powerpoint app.

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