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Just Said Yes December 2020

Unity Part of Wedding

Victoria, on November 24, 2020 at 3:32 PM Posted in Wedding Ceremony 0 9
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HELP! I am wanting to do something for the unity part of our wedding, but I don’t want to do a unity candle, tie a knot, or do the unity sand. Is there anything else that we could do?? I have no ideas & all of my friends have only suggested what’s listed above. Any ideas?


Latest activity by Victoria, on November 25, 2020 at 10:44 AM
  • Lisa
    Rockstar July 2022
    Lisa Online ·
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    I didn't want to do any of the typical unity ceremonies (knots, candles, sand, etc), so I originally wasn't planning to do any kind of unity ceremony, until I saw an idea on these forums about a whiskey unity ceremony! https://www.whiskeymade.com/whiskey-wedding-guide/how-to-have-a-whiskey-blending-wedding-ceremony/

    Otherwise, here is an article about other types of unity ceremonies that you may be interested in as well: https://www.theknot.com/content/amphtml/unique-unity-ceremony-ideas
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  • Clarissa
    Expert October 2021
    Clarissa ·
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    We’re doing a water ceremony. Essentially it’s the same as sand but with different colored water to make one color.
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  • M
    VIP October 2022
    Michelle ·
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    Ask your officiant? Offbeatbride.com has ideas. It's also ok to skip it if you don't find anything that speaks to you since the wedding itself is about unity.
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  • Yasmine
    Rockstar October 2020
    Yasmine ·
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    I've seen it done with colored water or favorite candy as well!
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  • Samantha
    VIP October 2020
    Samantha ·
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    We did a glass ceremony, which was really beautiful. I wasn’t into a unity ceremony until someone mentioned unityinglass on this site.
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  • Natalie
    Devoted November 2020
    Natalie ·
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    I don’t know if it would be considered a “unity ceremony,” but we gave each of the moms (my mom, his mom, and his stepmom) a rose that we delivered to then as a couple to honor our families and ultimately show the coming together of our families. We wanted something simple and did not want something that we’d feel obligated to keep on display in our house!
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  • Meghan
    Rockstar October 2019
    Meghan ·
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    We did a unity puzzle. I did not want a basic, boring unity ceremony! Puzzles hold a special place in our relationship, so it was perfect. Here is the puzzle we used Unity Puzzle. We had each of our first names on a piece, our last name on a piece, and our wedding date on a piece. We put it together, placed it in a frame, and sat it up for our guests to see all while music was playing. We got a bunch of "ohhh" and "aaahhh" lol.

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  • Future Mrs. K
    Super April 2021
    Future Mrs. K ·
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    Not sure if it’s considered as “unity ceremony” but we wanted to do a modern take that was unique to us as a couple. So we did a wine and letter box — where we put one bottle of wine (that ages well) in a wooden box with our last name and wedding date carved into it. During the ceremony we place our personal written vows and 2 personal letters in it. We then nail it shut and open it on our tenth anniversary. On that anniversary we will re read our vows and personal letters to one another that we wrote on the wedding day and drink the wine. Then we repeat the process every decade after that! (In the meantime we mount it on the wall or put it in a shadow box in our bedroom)
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  • Victoria
    Devoted June 2021
    Victoria ·
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    I wasn't planning to do a unity part of the ceremony but I'm liking the candy idea! That could be so cute!

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