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Beginner June 2017

Tropical/Romantic Honeymoon Destination(without Zika)

Jessica, on July 18, 2016 at 7:39 PM Posted in Honeymoon 0 17

I've been looking into the Bahamas & other places in that general area, but I'm concerned about the Zika virus! Does anyone have tropical/romantic suggestions for a honeymoon that's not infested with the Zika virus & that's not Hawaii. I LOVE Hawaii, but me and FH want to go to a place that neither of us has been before Smiley smile


Latest activity by Annie, on May 15, 2018 at 11:27 AM
  • MrsF2B
    VIP August 2016
    MrsF2B ·
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    Okinawa (Japan), Jeju (Korea), Kenting (Taiwan) - all are beachy and good.

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  • Kmess
    Master October 2015
    Kmess ·
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    Tahiti? Fiji?

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  • NowASeptMrs
    Master September 2015
    NowASeptMrs ·
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    Florida or California

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  • StephanieNaz
    VIP August 2017
    StephanieNaz ·
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    I would read up on Zika. A lot of the countries are not high risk.

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  • Amanda J.
    Master March 2016
    Amanda J. ·
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    Nothing to contribute as PP'S have shared good choices but I am pretty sure we've had Zika reports in Florida. Wear bug spray. ETA- Yep, after a quick Google search scratch Florida off of the list.

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  • MizzzCara
    Master June 2017
    MizzzCara ·
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    Date twin!

    Ha we are going to Jamaica and not worrying about it.

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  • Jenn2015
    Dedicated May 2017
    Jenn2015 ·
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    Here are 15 beach homeymoon spots that are zika free:

    Australia, France, Greece look beautiful!

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  • MNA
    Master April 2018
    MNA ·
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    Like pp said, do some homework about Zika. It's also here in the US, just as they knew it would be.

    DF and I went to Mexico in May. We've been ttc for 30 cycles now. While chance was not on our side, it was still a chance we had to decide whether we were comfortable taking. We took a ton of bug repellant and went. Neither of us got bitten thanks to our sprays, and we had a great time.

    Do your research, talk to your doctor, and make an informed decision.

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  • Hannah
    Dedicated November 2019
    Hannah ·
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    I've been looking at Punta Cana a lot recently. Never been though.

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  • Private User
    Expert September 2016
    Private User ·
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    Fiji has Zika, too.

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  • tinkerpsu
    VIP November 2016
    tinkerpsu ·
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    My doctor said absolutely no carribean. I did my research and as of right now Bahamas or Turks are Zika free.

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  • NewFutureMrs
    Super September 2016
    NewFutureMrs ·
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    @Mrs. Joey, thank you! I keep saying that. People need to read.

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  • Emily
    Master May 2014
    Emily ·
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    Bermuda, Bahamas, Turks & Caicos, and St.Kitts currently do not have active Zika infection. But it's impossible to tell what will happen a year from now. They all could by then. Or there could be a vaccine by then.

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  • Emily O.
    VIP June 2016
    Emily O. ·
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    We went to Riviera Maya, Mexico and had booked before it was such a huge concern. I was totally paranoid, and looked into cancelling, but we wouldn't get our money back because I wasn't expecting. We were both bit multiple times, but neither one of has have shown symptoms and it's been over a month. That's not to say we don't have it, but we aren't TTC until next June. I will have my doctor run tests when I go in for my annual/pre-conception in January, but since we aren't TTC for a year, I'm not overly concerned.

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  • BeachBride
    VIP June 2017
    BeachBride ·
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    Bahamas doesn't have mosquito spread zika yet. And no, FL doesn't have zika, people who have travelled to over countries have zika and are now in FL. Not spread by mosquitos in FL, yet.

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  • Mrs. Knolle
    Master July 2016
    Mrs. Knolle ·
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    We are going to the Bahamas on Monday. It is not on the Zika travel advisory.

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  • A
    Just Said Yes October 2018
    Annie ·
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    Southern Florida has Zika

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