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To postpone or not to postpone

Stephanie, on April 28, 2020 at 1:01 PM Posted in Community Conversations 0 12
Hi all!
Very curious about the consensus of August weddings. I am supposed to get married August 8 this year in Chicago. It’s a hot spot so that’s not fun. As for now, it is still happening. But I have a soft hold for May 15 next year. Huge weather difference which I’m not crazy about. I am wondering what everyone thinks for that date. If it’s 50 or under, I would postpone. I have no idea what will be happening the.


Latest activity by Emily, on April 29, 2020 at 7:49 AM
  • Sarah
    Savvy June 2021
    Sarah ·
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    Hi! I’m in Northwest Indiana, about 40 minutes outside of Chicago. We’re July 24th. We’re still holding out, too. Wishing for the best!
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  • C
    Dedicated April 2022
    Chris ·
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    August 29th in Miami. Still going through with it as of now!
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  • Kelsey
    VIP September 2020
    Kelsey ·
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    September 12th in central WI. Still planning as usual. No plans to cancel. I know things may not look good right now, but places are starting to reopen! So that is starting to make me feel better and give me more confidence that things are going back to semi-normal!

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  • Adrianna
    Dedicated June 2020
    Adrianna ·
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    I'm so sorry you're going through this was well! Here's my story that may help...My original wedding date was June 20, and my venue let me pick an alternative date of August 7. I knew June wasn't going to happen ( I live in Los Angeles), and the August date just didn't sit right with me because I felt forced into picking any available date. I haven't even had my bridal shower or bachelorette in Vegas, so that's playing a big role in my decision as well. I've been playing different scenarios since mid March , and I have finally had time to process everything logically rather than emotionally (LOTS OF CRYING). After talking it out with family, some BMs, and even brides here on wedding wire, I have decided to reschedule for 2021 which is something I originally did NOT want to do. I want to be able to have my shower and my Bach in Vegas, and I don't see how Vegas will happen in July if my wedding was moved to August. Also, WH task force Deborah Brix said we will most likely be social distancing through summer, and I don't want my guests having to wear masks or not wanting to dance! I am hoping for the same date next year, June 20, 2021 (which is a Sunday and cheaper!), just waiting for my venue to confirm. BUT, I feel REALLY good about this decision. It will allow my fiancé and I to buy a house this year and keep saving money for our wedding which I think will be bigger and better than ever! I hope you find a silver lining throughout all this! I know it sucks so bad, but once you commit to a decision, it's such a weight lifted off. I even feel happier and in a much better mood!

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  • Nicole
    Dedicated August 2020
    Nicole ·
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    My date is set for aug 15th, we are holding out with our original guest list for now, if we still feel uncomfortable beginning of june we will be cutting the guest list to just main family. If we get to mid july and everything is still bad we will be cancelling and getting married just us our kids and a officiant.
    We don't want to push it off, if we have to cancel we will have a party at some point but we have kids and one is starting school this year and with all their activities it will all be to much.
    And our wedding rings are already engraved with the date so it's to late now! 😂
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  • Alejandra
    Beginner June 2021
    Alejandra ·
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    August 22 here in Chicago as well. We are still planning. We are hoping we don’t have to postpone. We were going to wait until late May/early June and decide, we do have around 250 guests on our list. We will wait as much as we can to send out invitations.
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  • Kathryn
    VIP August 2020
    Kathryn ·
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    August 15 in Texas, which is reopening, and we just finished talking with my hubby's cousin, who is a nurse on the front line and teaching others how to fight the virus. I'm not saying we can predict the future, but I can say that he has little reservations with us not going ahead as planned. Of course we're having a max 50 people, but he believes that we'll have a lot more knowledge to fight it and resources by the end of the summer. As well as the antibody testing that was just announced. So in all honesty, I say go for it. We can't guarantee anything 100% at this point - people still need things like food and work, and he felt like it would be relatively tracked by that point. So with reasonable measures, I say go for it.
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  • Amy
    WeddingWire Administrator August 2013
    Amy ·
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    Hi Stephanie,

    I'm sorry you're having to think about postponing your wedding. That's a really tough spot. It's awesome that you already have a May 2021 date on hold! How are you feeling about that option? Do you have to confirm with your venue by a specific deadline?

    The general consensus for August weddings is that couples should continue to monitor the situation and try to make a decision by the end of May. Or, if you would feel relieved to reschedule for a later date, you should consider postponing sooner for peace of mind. Unfortunately, it's a waiting game right now.

    You're obviously not alone. Here are some other discussions with August brides:

    i need you, August 2020 Brides.

    August Wedding & Covid-19

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    I hope you can make a decision that brings you peace. Smiley heart

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  • Bride
    December 2020
    Bride ·
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    Ours is August 1st & we are still planning for it. I get more and more nervous with each day that passes, because I need invites out
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  • Nicole
    Super August 2020
    Nicole ·
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    August 1st in Chicago suburbs. We’re not making decisions until June/July. We’ve thought about potential dates next year if we have to postpone and we all know Chicago’s weather is so unpredictable. I figured May or June would be okay, May is still kinda iffy because sometimes it rains a lot during that month or might be a little too chilly. But at this point we’ll take what we can get. Hopefully we won’t have to postpone though 😞
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  • Katherine
    Beginner August 2021
    Katherine ·
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    Our wedding is August 14 in lower New York, and due to the situation here we are postponing to Fall 2021. We have a lot of older family who are important to us being a part of our wedding day, and wouldn’t want anyone to risk their health to come. Our vendors were so understanding. We are still planning to elope. My thoughts are with everyone on here—-this is so difficult!!
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  • Emily
    Beginner August 2020
    Emily ·
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    Our wedding was August 8th in Maine & our governor just put out some reopening guidelines which includes gatherings of less than 50 people until sept 1st Smiley sad so we will have to have an intimate ceremony on our date and a reception later on
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