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Thoughts on a videographer?

Natalie, on April 14, 2020 at 9:57 AM Posted in Planning 0 12
Good morning everybody Smiley smile

My fiancé and I really thought we’d want a videographer for our wedding, but that we are looking at costs we are trying to reevaluate the need for one. We found a photographer that we fell in love with, and she doesn’t offer video. We also found a photographer that offers video, a package of r an excellent price, but not sure of the quality?
We are trying to decide between those options, what would you do between the two? I don’t want to only consider price when picking vendors, but when all of the expenses are racking up it’s tough to get out of that mindset.
Do you think you’d regret not having a videographer?


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  • Allie
    Dedicated May 2020
    Allie ·
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    I think it really depends on what you guys want at the end of the day. For us it was the photography that we wanted the most. We had to cancel our wedding this May but are still having a small ceremony and my photographer will still be taking our pictures! So that was super important to us since we will have those forever. If the budget could stretch video(had we had the traditional big wedding) we would have done that too. I definitely recommend quality over quantity though if you absolutely HAVE to pick only one! Nothing beats absolutely amazing photos Smiley smile
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  • J
    Master 0000
    Judith ·
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    We did not have one, nor did many of our family or friends. And never missed it. When videos first be amended common, with videographers not home video, everyone started doing them. But when we married they had bee. Common more than 5 years. Some liked a movie about themselves. Most said, we watched it for a week or two when new, till the pictures came. And never looked again. 10 years later, more people not doing it, either because watching other people's is like watching someone else's vacation pictures. Or they know so many people who did, and routinely get out pictures while the movie version stays on the shelf. If you have a budget under $20,000 for your wedding, and will pay for a photographer at least 10%, then another 10% for video can really cut into other things. We did not want them because we wanted to remember the day from our own eyes, as we experienced it. Not mostly see ourselves from an observers poi t of view. I rarely look at pictures of myself, for example, but like still pi tires of others as I remembered them from the real event. But if you usually like to make and edit and watch movies of yourselves, it may be worth the price. We had someone who did nice ones who offered to do one for free, friend of FI, professional. It was hard to say, it isn't just the cost. We don't want a video made. We did not want people (guests or WP) taking pictures, and having apro photographer popping up was enough. It was nice that after posed pics, mostly we did not have to be self conscious about guests, video, and a photographer constantly watching , and recording, what we wanted as private memories.
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  • Alexa
    Savvy November 2020
    Alexa ·
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    I agree with Allie! It depends on what’s important to you. I definitely spent more on photos and a little less on video and went for a smaller package because to me, photos definitely last longer and you’ll be printing them out to hang up or have an album and printing and sharing pics with other people so it’s definitely worth the investment for the keepsake and memories. For me at least with video, I wanted more of a highlight (7 minute video) bc it was still important for me to have video since there are emotions and different things video captures vs photo especially now with the style of video and how people make it look like a movie trailer lol! But realistically, whereas photos have more use where a lot of people will want copies or will want to share and look back on and you’ll have digital and physical prints etc., for the most part no one else will really watch the video except for the one time you might post it or share it and then really it’s just you and your FH who would maybe watch it every so often.
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  • Belle
    VIP August 2022
    Belle ·
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    We chose not to include it in our package. Their videos are super nice, but I don’t like being recorded, and I always look weird on a video. And I never look at recording much. So, the high price is not worth my purpose. The photos will hang in my livingroom, so I am counting on them.
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  • Ti
    Savvy February 2020
    Ti ·
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    We weren’t going to get a videographer to save on costs, but my dad convinced me to reconsider, and I’m so glad he did! Our videographer captured so much of what our photographers couldn’t. There’s nothing like seeing your wedding in motion, especially since you’re so busy the day of and you miss a lot of the details. And I realize now it would have been a major regret if we didn’t have it.

    In terms of price, we went with our dream photographers and didn’t compromise there. No regrets. For videography, we went with someone much more cost effective, but still had good quality work. Our final video isn’t cinematic or winning any awards, but it’s super cute and well worth the price we paid. We also got 8 hours of raw footage in our package as well.
    If I were you, I’d choose the best quality photographers/videographers that you can afford.
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  • Kasyah
    Devoted July 2020
    Kasyah ·
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    I splurged on my photographer. That was the one thing I didn't even hesitate to pay for. As time has continued on we have decided to go with a videographer as well. My parents are older and will not be able to attend my destination wedding. Neither will either sets of my fiance's grandparents. My mom requested we get a videographer as she cannot attend and would still love to see how everything goes on our big day. I also think looking back it will be amazing to see what we possibly didn't since it will be such a busy day.

    Could you possibly get your photographer and see if they recommend a videographer they've worked with before? I found many videographer's are quite accommodating when it comes to costs depending on how many hours of coverage you'd like. Also, don't forget that their service prices aren't set in stone. Negotiating is a thing that many don't tend to mention about vendors.
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  • Emily
    Dedicated May 2021
    Emily ·
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    My fiancé and I are conflicted too! My aunt said something though that really stuck with me. It’s people you love frozen in time. We can hear my granddad laugh again & she his infectious smile. So for that reason we are going to hire one for May 2021 wedding.
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  • Melle
    Legend June 2019
    Melle ·
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    I think if you have good photo then it's ok not to have video if you can't afford it. however that being said, i love having a video. i wanted that more than photos

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  • Karla
    Super February 2020
    Karla ·
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    I love having our video! BUUUT... I knew from the very beginning that I wanted to have one.

    We got married at a pretty unique venue (San Diego Safari Park) and I wanted to capture all the cool animals and elements. It’s nice to be able to hear our vows and see all those cute moments that you don’t necessarily see because you just can’t be everywhere at all time during your wedding.
    As most PPs mentioned, it’s really going to come down to what’s important to you guys. We splurged on our video and photos and hired our dream teams for those because both were super important for us.
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  • Celeste
    Just Said Yes November 2022
    Celeste ·
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    My FH and I are really conflicted as well. We found an amazing photographer/videographer and his price is a bit high, but I think worth it. We have yet to make any final decisions because we did find another photographer with great quality of work at a much more affordable price. Reading everyone's comments has been helpful. My best friend said she regrets not having one because there is so much she missed during her big day. My mom also agrees, but ultimately it comes down to your gut decision. What is your heart telling you? Mine is telling me to go with the videographer. We'll see what happens, good luck making your decision!! Smiley smile

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  • Meghan
    Master October 2019
    Meghan ·
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    Having a videographer was one of the best decisions we made! We absolutely love our videos! Having our entire ceremony filmed is very special. We also had our first look, our speeches, our entrances, exit, and spotlight dances filmed (plus the highlight film). These are all very special moments in your wedding day that you will cherish being able to look back on in the years to come. We love our wedding photos, and I look at them often, but having the videos really takes your wedding day memories to the next level.

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  • Nicole
    Super August 2020
    Nicole ·
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    So in the beginning of planning, I found a company with photo & video package for a great price. Their work was good, but not great or the style that we wanted. But because of the price, we went for it because videography is important to us. The day will go by so fast that sometimes special moments are missed which is why it’s nice to be able to look back and relive those moments through video. BUT after having an engagement shoot with them, I had a lot of regret in choosing them because of the price. So we ended up choosing a different photographer whose work is amazing, and just hired the other company for videography only. It’s pricey, but in my opinion worth it. A lot of past brides have said one of their biggest regrets was not having videography.
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