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Those of you do alphabetized seating CHART

mackenzie, on August 27, 2013 at 1:01 PM Posted in Planning 0 7

I am doing it to where it is A-B with names & table numbers next to them. I'm wondering how i put down and guest? or do I even do that? Say there is a Michelle Antovski & Guest. Do I include the & guest or do I just put Michelle Antovski?


Latest activity by Mehtab, on August 25, 2014 at 1:54 AM
  • HisMrs
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    Do "Michelle Antovski & Guest" and just put the card where you would if hers was the only name on it.

    In the case you do know the guests name, do it the same way and just put their name instead of Guest. It should be alphabetized by the name of the actual person you invited.

    Ex:"Michelle Antovski & John Jones" Would go under "A"

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  • Shannon
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    For all of the guests I had I got their first and last names from the person they were attending with and listed them separately.

    For married couples I listed Husband & Wife Last Name all on one line to save space but couples with different last names were listed separately.

    I have a word template that I used and got it printed / laminated / backed with foam board at Fed Ex office that came out really nice. Let me know if you are interested in the file.

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  • Milwaukee_Bride
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    Unless they're married...I'm going with Mary Smith & Guest...Mr & Mrs Smith...Simple and to the point. I'm just seating people possibly 6 to a table...mixing it up...I don't want family members just sitting with one another..

    After the food and music people start getting up and moving around anyway.

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  • Michelle
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    You should know the guests names. I wouldn't want them there if I didn't know them

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  • Valerie
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    I am doing for married:

    Smith, John & Jane - 8

    For those who are basically married (living together)

    Doe, John & Jane Smith

    For my cousins and some friends who I have no idea who they are dating or bringing because neither of us have met them:

    Smith, John & Guest

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  • Candice B.
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    I included the person who was invited and their guest's name after theirs

    (ex: Jane Doe and Josh Joe...........Table 8)

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  • M
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    Mehtab ·
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    Shannon, could you please send me the file?

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