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Surprise pregnancy! Need advice for dress!

Wendy, on December 5, 2017 at 4:41 AM Posted in Married Life

Hi fellow brides, I am in need of some advice! My wedding is set and booked for Oct. 13, 2018, I've put down deposits for the venue, caterer, officiant ect... I just found out I am pregnant with my first baby and my due date is August 1st! We will have a 2 month old newborn baby at our wedding . However, I haven't tried on wedding dresses yet so now I'm not sure what I should do? Has anyone else been in this situation before? I don't want to reschedule the wedding because I will lose close to $6000 am I crazy for continuing with the wedding AND having a baby?? Thanks in advance!



  • B
    Dedicated March 2018
    Baylee ·

    I agree don't reschedule! Congrats!

  • Vernell
    Devoted October 2018
    Vernell ·

    Don't reschedule

  • ThePeoplesBride
    VIP October 2019
    ThePeoplesBride ·


    Don't reschedule! The ladies at the bridal store/boutique should be able to guide you.

  • Future Mrs. G
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    Future Mrs. G ·

    Congratulations on your growing family.

    Don't change your wedding. You'll be surprised to know how many others have gone through and are going through this. A bridal consultant will help you and give you better advice as I'm sore they've had to handle this situation many times.

  • Staci
    Super February 2018
    Staci ·

    First off congrats! I have a now 2yo son and he is my world. I would say find a dress that you are comfortable in. If you breastfeed you normally use a nursing bra which makes things easier so keep that in mind. I don't think you're crazy for wanting to keep the original wedding date but you will be tired lol Trust me I know! It just takes some time to adjust to a new way of life. Plan as much as you can before the baby is born bc after you may not have as much time. Good luck and congrats again!

  • OGJessieJV
    Master July 1867
    OGJessieJV ·

    It really depends on you, your pregnancy, and your body. I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight and size weeks after I gave birth. However, I didn’t gain very much weight during my pregnancy and exercised every day. I was also out and exercising as soon as I was released from the hospital.

    As for having a two month old, you will be exhausted. If you want to go ahead with the big party, do it. I would try to push it back a year.

  • ACD
    Expert October 2018
    ACD ·

    Hi wedding date twin & congrats!!!! What an exciting time!!! Because you already have so much booked and planned, I would not cancel, especially with the extra expense of your new bundle of joy unless you're extremely uncomfortable being 2m PP and have the extra money to spare. It may feel crazy and overwhelming, but you can always lean on family to help you with things as well. As for the dress, I agree with PP, go to a bridal salon and ask what they would recommend. Good luck

  • Wendy
    Just Said Yes October 2018
    Wendy ·

    Thank you all for your advice!! I needed this validation for not wanting to cancel. I can't afford to lose the money with a new baby on the way.

  • Olivia_7
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    Olivia_7 ·

    I don't personally have experience in this but my friends wedding that I was a BM in took place just a little over a month after she gave birth. She had already bought her dress but then went back when she found out she was pregnant and they recommended ordering one more size up than the size she had originally ordered, so she did. Her dress fit pretty much perfect the day of her wedding, but different bodies are gonna be different post pregnancy.

  • Eisha
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    Eisha ·

    Don't reschedule enjoy ur day congratulations on everything wish you the best 2 blessings at once

  • Bea
    Savvy March 2019
    Bea ·

    Congrats hun. Do not reschedule

  • Leila
    Super October 2017
    Leila ·

    Get a corset back dress

  • Meg
    Dedicated February 2018
    Meg ·

    Congrats! Life happens when we are busy making other plans. She could be a flower girl in a little wagon...or He could have the rings tied to his little vest hehe see now I'm dreaming...awww congrats girl so exciting.

  • Erika
    Dedicated March 2018
    Erika ·

    Omg congrats 2 blessings at the same time. Don't reschedule

  • chelsey
    Super March 2018
    chelsey ·

    Congrats on the baby! Don't reschedule if you really want to keep the date. My MOH will be 7-8 weeks post pardum when I get married. *now every woman and pregnancy is different so take this with a grain of salt* she was told by her physician that an average woman 2 months pp will be around the same size they were at 6 months into the pregnancy. So when she ordered her bridesmaids dress she talked with a consultant and they took her measurements at 6 months in order to be as close as possible.

  • Margarita
    Dedicated December 2017
    Margarita ·

    It depends on you. Personally, I'll move the date up or back. First of all, you will likely still have post partum bleeding. All that blood + no tampons allowed + white gown= scary scenario

    Also, you will likely be leaking milk, if you choose to breastfeed. You could wear pads to prevent leaks, but all this doesn't make for an easy wedding day- IMO. Additionally, weddings are stressful as is, add to it a newborn, post partum healing, sleep deprivation, etc

    Again, it's up to you. It is doable. Just please have realistic expectations and take all the above into consideration. Either way, congrats!

  • zoedoublei
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    zoedoublei ·

    My FMIL has a 6 month year old and I lived with her until the baby was 4 months. Let me tell you, she was either sleeping, feeding the baby, or changing the baby. It might be stressful. Some babies are calm, some babies need constant attention (and if your my now FSIL to also be moving, that baby never wanted whoever was holding her to be still). For the dress definitely pick something that you can whip your boob out of if you are breastfeeding. If it's a typical 8 hour wedding, your baby will probably eat 2-4 times. Also the noise might be hard for them. I've never gave birth, but living with and being the only other helping hand for a 0-4 month year old, I can't imagine a wedding and a baby. also be proactive about postpartum depression, it can happen to anyone.

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