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Selling wedding dress

Sara, on December 13, 2020 at 6:33 AM Posted in Wedding Attire 0 4
Has anyone had used stillwhite to sell their wedding dress? If so how was your experience with it


Latest activity by Karla, on December 22, 2020 at 9:48 PM
  • Mrs. Spring
    Master April 2021
    Mrs. Spring ·
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    I have not. Many of my friends used poshmark
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  • Jasmine
    Master August 2021
    Jasmine ·
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    I've only bought from Stillwhite.
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  • Lynnie
    WeddingWire Administrator October 2016
    Lynnie ·
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    Hi Sara! Here were two forum discussions I found where other brides have shared their experiences with Stillwhite - hope these help!

    Experiences with StillWhite?

    Stillwhite vs Preownedweddingdress vs Other Online Sites
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  • Kari
    Master May 2020
    Kari ·
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    I bought my dress on StillWhite and am attempting to sell two other dresses on it now. I also buy/sell on Poshmark. The two dresses I am trying to sell have been listed on Poshmark for a while with no luck, so I thought I'd give StillWhite a try.

    Poshmark takes a huge cut (20%) of your sales but the platform is really interactive and there is no cost to list an item. If I was selling an expensive item I would avoid using Poshmark just because the commission is so high. If you sell your dress for $500, Poshmark is going to take $100 of that and you'll be left with just $400.

    StillWhite on the other hand charges a listing fee ($20 for a standard listing for a single dress) but no commission, so you net all of your sales minus the listing fee. So for that same $500 sale, you'd keep $480 of profit. The least expensive option for listing a dress on StillWhite is to use a standard listing, which allows you four photos. You can also pay more to list using a premium listing ($30 for 8 photos, allows video, larger thumbnails in searches) or by paying to boost your listing. The more dresses you list, the cheaper it is to list additional dresses.

    The two dresses I listed are in the $120-$150 range, so let's say the average for the two of them is $135 and combined that's $270. If I sold them both on Poshmark, Poshmark would take $54 of those sales leaving me with just $216. On Stillwhite, the cost would be $36, leaving me with $234 profit. However, I need to pay the Stillwhite fee up front, and I'm out that much money whether they sell or not, whereas on Posh the fee is only collected if they sell. For that reason, I think StillWhite is a good option if you are selling a more expensive dress, and anything below the break even point ($100) should be listed on Posh. There is nothing in either companies terms of use that say you cannot post items to multiple platforms.

    For buying dresses, StillWhite was my absolute favorite, so I like to think that a lot of brides feel the same and are looking for dresses on there as well. StillWhite allows brides to search by almost any feature imaginable, from length to fabric to neckline, and also sorts dresses by street size and not just label size (which can be pretty inconsistent among bridal designers). You can also list exact measurements, which made me feel a lot more confident when buying my dress. I felt like buying an expensive dress on StillWhite was less of a gamble than buying on Poshmark.

    One other important thing to note is that StillWhite is based in Australia, so there are a lot of folks selling and buying from Australia, the UK, and elsewhere. When you narrow it down to just USA buyers/sellers the share of users is quite a bit smaller. Poshmark is USA based and I think everyone on there is from the United States. Poshmark also has pre-paid shipping labels that makes shipping really easy, although you might have to pay extra for shipping a large gown and I'm not sure how easy that is to do through Poshmark, as I've never done it.

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