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RSVP Card wording - Any suggestions are much appreciated..

November2010Bride, on August 4, 2010 at 12:49 PM Posted in Planning 0 18
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This is what I have so far:


We look forward to celebrating with you.

Please reply by ______________________

Name ___________________________________-

_of_ attending with pleasure

_ declining with regret


Due to limited space, I dont' want people to be bringing extra guests. I dont think I even have the room for my friends' significant others (especially if they are not in a serious relationship). What do you all think? Is there anything else that goes on there too? I am doing buffet dinner, so won't need to put meal options..

TIA everyone!!!


  • Analy aka T-waffle
    Master October 2009
    Analy aka T-waffle ·

    If you are not leaving room for guests, that card won't work. If you let them write in whatever number they intend to bring, you will end up with many more than you intended. Instead, try something like "X# seats have been reserved in your honor. # Attending___ # Regretfully Decine"

  • November2010Bride
    Expert November 2010
    November2010Bride ·

    Thanks Analy..I looked into that option as well..a lot of my friends are single..and I would be writing "One seat has been reserved in your honor" I thought that sounded bit one seat only? But I guess it atleast guarantees that I would have no unwanted guests at the wedding :-\

  • Cris
    Super September 2011
    Cris ·

    Oooo I was wondering how to do that! Thanks!

  • cuteangelfan
    Super April 2010
    cuteangelfan ·

    Yup, thats what I did

  • Analy aka T-waffle
    Master October 2009
    Analy aka T-waffle ·

    Uh, well, you just said that you don't want's not harsh, saying NO GUESTS is harsh.

  • dragonfly726
    Master October 2011
    dragonfly726 ·

    I'm noticing you said ___ of ___ attending with pleasure. Were you planning on filling in the second ___ yourself? I thought about doing this, but decided against it when we got the bigger venue.

  • He-Gives-Me-Butterflyz
    VIP September 2010
    He-Gives-Me-Butterflyz ·

    I did what Analy suggested and wrote in the appropriate number of guests. So far, only person changed the number from a 1 to a 4! Ugh!

  • wonderful moment
    Master March 2010
    wonderful moment ·

    This is what I had put on the RSVP. I did not want anyone to bring someone due to $$$. So I did ours kinda like yours but I wrote the number in and they would have to respond how many out of that number will be coming.

    The Favor of a reply is requested by March 5, 2010


    ____ of ____ Guest(s) will attend

    ______ Decline with regrets

    You may RSVP online

    Password: ??????

  • wonderful moment
    Master March 2010
    wonderful moment ·

    You will just have to put the website/link. And you must put a date on their for them to respond by

  • November2010Bride
    Expert November 2010
    November2010Bride ·

    Thank you ladies!!

    @dragonfly - yes, that's what I was going to do..

    great suggestions..makes it so much easier with all your help..appreciate it!!!

  • V
    Dedicated January 2011
    vane ·

    What Analy said is just perfect. I have seen it done before and it works and is not harsh at all.

  • *~* Soon to be Mrs. Murphey *~*
    VIP February 2013
    *~* Soon to be Mrs. Murphey *~* ·

    That is a great idea.. we will have to do that as space will BE limited! good wording

  • November2010Bride
    Expert November 2010
    November2010Bride ·

    @wonderful moment - I am going to write in the date myself because I will be sending out invitations at different times for different group of people..thought that might work best for us..

  • November2010Bride
    Expert November 2010
    November2010Bride · here it is:

    The favor of your reply is requested by



    _____seats have been reserved in your honor.

    ( ) Accept with pleasure

    ( ) Decline with regret

    We look forward to celebrating our special day with you!

  • B
    Super September 2010
    Because I Said So ·

    If you have a blank where you write in the date, guests will know you have a A, B, C list and that's not something you want to let on. you need to print 1 batch of cards with the earliest date, then anther batch w/the second date and so on. other than that the card you posted looks fine, but you can count on people bringing dates you didn't invite no matter what you do. you may have to call and explain that seating is limited and you can't allow their date, which is awkward to say the least. most people know that if the invitation isn't addressed with 'and guest', they don't get to bring a guest. but some people think they can ignore that and bring whoever they want, which is just gauche.

  • Meg Bennett
    August 2019
    Meg Bennett ·

    I've had great success with the following script on RSVP cards...

    We would be honored to share in celebration with you.

    The favor of a reply is kindly requested before October 15, 2010.


    _X_ would be pleasured to attend.

    _X_ must regrettably decline.

  • wonderful moment
    Master March 2010
    wonderful moment ·

    One thing that I do see is _____seats have been reserved in your honor. Even though you had reserved a certain amount of seats for their family etc. What if they only bringing 2 out of 4. Than you would not get an accurate count. For our wedding some people put 1 our of 3 attending etc. Just something you might want to think about. If you are having an A and a B list. You will want to send your A list out a little earlier. However, do prepare to have to contact many people. Also they said to expect 10-20% of the people you invited not to come. I had invited 165 people. Only 130 people said they were coming. During the wedding I could count at least 20 people with a no show.

  • Mandy
    Master October 2010
    Mandy ·


    ____ persons attending

    ____ regretfully decline

    Please reply by (insert date here)

    We hope to see you there!

    My RSVP is shown below, I wrote the names of the guest I was inviting on the top line, so that they knew specifically who was invited. I hope this helps.

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