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Restaurant Reception/ South Jersey

Jacqueline, on July 18, 2019 at 4:16 PM Posted in New Jersey Planning 0 3
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I have looked at a lot of venues in South Jersey and its really had to find something under $70-85 a person.

Does anyone know any restaurants that have private room?

I have been to Riverview in Pennsville, NJ & Ramada ,Vineland. These two places have been in our budget (under $3,000) with all inclusive (besides DJ & Photographer).

I like the idea of it at a hotel because if people are drinking (deciding on a cash bar or a tab bar ) they can just stay the night with it being on a Wednesday night.

BUT is there any other places in the South Jersey area that we could look into?


  • Sinéad
    WeddingWire Administrator January 2025
    Sinéad ·

    Hey Jacqueline!

    How many guests are you expecting for your wedding?

    I think a reception in a restaurant would be a beautiful idea. Have you chosen a ceremony venue, or are you hoping to have your ceremony in the same location?

    I’ve started a search for you in the WeddingWire venue search and here are the New Jersey Restaurant Wedding Venues that you can check out.

    If you are also interested in a hotel reception, you can also check out the venue search tool. Here are the New Jersey Hotel Wedding Venues for you to check out.

    Do you have a preference for what type of food you would like to be served?

  • Jacqueline
    Beginner April 2020
    Jacqueline ·

    Thanks for the extra help! There very few places in NJ. And I would love to help out smaller businesses then these bigger extravagant places.
    This is the area I’m looking in. I’m expecting 40-50 guest.
    If I can get a ceremony at the location that would be a plus.
    Even a hotel would be nice, so guest that wanted to stay on a Wednesday wouldn’t feel so rushed to get back home.
    I did check out the Ramada, Vineland. They offered me a decent price under $3,000.

    Restaurant Reception/ South Jersey 1
  • Jacqueline
    Beginner April 2020
    Jacqueline ·

    I also have been asking venues if they have a winter package special , if they would extend it to our date April 15th.

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