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Rainy day spot in Gettysburg

Lana, on May 24, 2021 at 8:53 AM Posted in Pennsylvania Planning 0 2
Good morning!!

I am having trouble finding a place in Gettysburg to have the ceremony indoors in case of inclimate weather. We're not getting married until October 15th next year at the amphitheater on the battlefield. It's going to be about 30-40 people (possibly even less than 30). We're going to have an after ceremony dinner at either Pickett's (if they're open) or La Bella Italia. I live in Illinois so I'm trying to plan from here LOL and am not sure who'd allow a ceremony to take place indoors without it costing thousands (especially since we wouldn't be having a formal reception in the same place). The ceremony won't be more than maybe a half hour long, if not shorter. Anyone have any ideas??
Thank you very much!! I appreciate any and all help!!


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  • Lynnie
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    Hi Lana! Could either restaurant where you're planning on having the after ceremony dinner also hold the ceremony? That would definitely be the simplest plan b!

    I'd try calling local hotels and country clubs that have multiple indoor event spaces to see what their rates would look like for a ceremony of your size!

    You could also see if there are any indoor spaces available for rental through their parks & rec department!

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    Thank you, Lynnie!!!! I think I'm going to call the parks and rec department and see what they say!!
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