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Please Help! -opinions on “first Look”

Reagann22, on April 8, 2021 at 9:53 PM Posted in Wedding Ceremony 0 17
Hi everyone!
My FH and I are having a hard time deciding on whether we’d like to do a “First Look” before our ceremony or not. We really like the idea of it but we also really like the idea of the first moment being at the aisle.
Please tell me your thoughts and opinions and what you have done or are planning to do!Thank you all in advance! ❤️


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  • Haylie
    Dedicated October 2021
    Haylie ·
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    My FH and I knew we always wanted to do a first look. On the logistical side of things, it just makes sense. By doing a first look, you’re not spending so much time taking pictures after the ceremony and can start the reception earlier !
    Having read other testimonies from brides who did a first look, they loved it. Seeing their partner before the actual ceremony helped calm all of their nerves, plus this will be one of the few moments in the day it’s actually just You and your partner ( photographer & videographer aside.)
    All of my friends and family who didnt do a first look wish they had, and everyone who has done it, loved it and are so glad they decided to. That being said, it is your wedding and you and your FH will figure out what feels right! I just love first looks so much so I might be a little biased 😂💙
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  • Ariel
    Devoted October 2021
    Ariel ·
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    I’m not doing one because my FH is opposed. I think logistically they make a ton of sense and it probably helps calm the nerves.
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  • Elizabeth
    Super June 2021
    Elizabeth ·
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    We aren't doing a first look. For us, it's merely preference. I want FH to see me when everyone else does, walking down the aisle. I like the drama of it.
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  • mrswinteriscoming
    Rockstar December 2021
    mrswinteriscoming Online ·
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    I was quite against it originally but have recently decided to have a first look. For us, the things that converted us to team first look were:

    1) more time for photos

    2) by reason of #1, we will not have to stress about getting heaps of photos between ceremony and reception

    3) will help calm nerves

    4) hair and makeup will start early (preference of our vendors) so starting earlier means less waiting around

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  • Ava
    VIP May 2022
    Ava ·
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    We won’t be doing one because it was important to FH. He really wants that special moment of first seeing me to be me walking down aisle to become his wife. So we will be doing photos with our respective wedding parties and parents/siblings before the ceremony, then our photos after, during part of cocktail hour. I will say though, neither FH nor myself are shy people who are afraid of being in the spotlight, so using a first look as a way to “calm our nerves” before the ceremony (which I’ve heard a lot of people say is the reason they chose to do a first look) wasn’t a concern of ours. Also, if we were to do a first look, my HMUAs were going to have to start in the morning, and I really want to sleep in the day of my wedding (especially because I think I will have a hard time falling asleep because of excitement!). I would much rather get good sleep, take a nice long relaxing shower, enjoy some room service with my MOH, and be able take my time getting ready. I don’t want to have to set my alarm and rush that day.
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  • Lisa
    Rockstar July 2022
    Lisa ·
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    One thing you could do is do a first look, but without your veil or other accessories, and add those right before walking down the aisle! That way, you kind of get the best of both worlds: the first look, but still an element of surprise when walking down the aisle during the ceremony.
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  • Stacey
    Super May 2021
    Stacey ·
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    My fiancé was initially very against it; I don't even think he knew it was a thing, Lol. I could have gone either way. But, once our photographer walked us through our options, he became a convert. It makes sense for us both from a time management perspective, but also to calm our nerves ahead of the ceremony. The way I look at it, we get two special moments, because I don't believe that him seeing me approach the aisle to walk down toward him as our music plays and our friends and family surround us will be any less special (and this way hopefully my knees won't buckle, haha). Smiley heart

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  • Lazell
    Savvy September 2022
    Lazell ·
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    We plan to do a first look because my FH is not comfortable in crowds and is nervous about showing emotion.
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  • I
    Expert August 2021
    Ingrid ·
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    We are doing first look mostly for the time between the end of the ceremony and cocktail hour. When we were told we could join cocktail hour that set it for me! Never have I been to a wedding where the bride and groom made it to cocktail hour!

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  • Rebelle Fleur
    Rockstar July 2021
    Rebelle Fleur ·
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    Were not doing it. I want him to see me coming down the aisle abs for us to have that special moment then.
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  • Sarah
    Beginner November 2022
    Sarah ·
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    We didn’t want to do a first look at first. Over the past few months we decided we’re going to. I’m a more emotionally reserved person and we both have the worst social anxiety. I don’t want those factors to ruin that moment, so we’re doing the first look to ease our anxiety, take a minute for just us to be together before the ceremony, and use any extra time to do wedding party pictures.
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  • Wendy
    Beginner July 2022
    Wendy ·
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    You too? We are having this discussion ourselfs.I’m becoming more is with that when I realize your it take the Initial anxiety off of him. Here I am thinking about exchanging a personal gift.With me I have ultimately two dresses so he will be surprise When we meet up for the walk in to reception.
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  • Rebecca
    Master August 2019
    Rebecca ·
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    We didn't do one, because we are superstitious actors.

    I'm very glad we didn't do one. It made the walking down the aisle very special.

    Which I then sped up because there was a corner, everyone stood up, I'm short, and I couldn't see DH.

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  • Dj Tanner
    June 2021
    Dj Tanner ·
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    We are doing one and I’m so excited for it! It really does save a lot of time and you can enjoy being at your wedding instead of having to runoff and take photos or video footage during cocktail hour or dinner etc. Plus I love how they look in videos. My FH has already seen my dress cause he came with me to find my dress lol! But I also want that first special moment not in front of all of our guests where he can see me with the whole 9 yards... makeup hair etc so we can just have that intimate quiet moment to really just take it all in.
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  • SHY
    Master January 2022
    SHY ·
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    We were VERY anti first look when we first started planning, but changed our minds after speaking with our photographer about our timeline! We'll be doing a first look in order to get the majority of our pictures out of the way. That includes bridal party portraits, group portraits, bride and groom, one family at a time, then both families together, parents etc. That way we have more time after the ceremony to enjoy the cocktail hour and mingle with everyone! It just made so much sense after she laid it all out for us, plus, we realized how sweet a first look moment would be with just the two of us privately. They're also great if you and your future spouse have some nerves and jitters because you both get to see each other and calm one another down!

    I'm also doing a second first look before our grand entrance at the reception! I ended up buying 2 dresses, so I'm going to surprise FH!

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  • Melle
    Legend June 2019
    Melle ·
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    We did first look purely for the fact that it was just more convenient logistically for our schedule cause we didn't really have time in between

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  • Reagann22
    Savvy May 2021
    Reagann22 ·
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    Thank you all so much!! We’re definitely going to do the First Look 🥰
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