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No flower decor or arch for ceremony?

Elizabeth, on January 22, 2020 at 10:50 PM Posted in Style and Décor 0 5
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We pretty much have all the big stuff booked for our wedding. Were getting married outside in FL on sand overlooking the water (not a real beach since the resort is close to Orlando). Our ceremony venue cost includes chairs only. An arch would cost an $100 to transport to our ceremony site but we would have to decorate it. We haven't decided on the arch yet and I'm so clueless when it comes to flowers, I told the florist to put together some ideas as part of her quote based on our wedding colors. I should be receiving that quote this week.

Has anyone regretted not having an arch or flowers at their ceremony other than bouquets for you and the wedding party? Plain white chairs on sand with water as a backdrop seems simple and pretty in my head but is that boring? Lol. Any ideas on how to spruce up the ceremony without an arch or flowers?
This is a destination wedding. Ceremony at 6PM on a Saturday in May with roughly 50 guests.


  • Alisa
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    Alisa ·
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    I think having a ceremony on a beach sounds lovely as it is, anything more would just be extra. I am having an outdoor ceremony and the venue supplies and arch. I think I'll use the arch but I'm not going to pay extra to decorate it with flowers. The arch might be good for framing certain types of shots for photos but a good photographer will know how to set up a shot in any case.

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  • Rosa
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    Rosa ·
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    Hi! I’m getting married in Cabo but not beach wedding but beach view. I have the white fabric and plain white chairs.

    The reason I wanted a destination wedding is of the simplicity and stress less it looked every time I saw a set up while on vacation and wanted the same thing!

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  • V
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    Veronica ·
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    We didn't have a beach wedding, but we we had an "arch" for our wedding. I regret having it because during the sand ceremony you can't see my husband in any of the photos because he is behind the curtain of the arch. I didn't realize it until we got our photos back. Haven't received our wedding video yet so not sure how it will look in that.

    No flower decor or arch for ceremony? 1

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  • Gen
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    Gen ·
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    We didn’t have an arch... partly to save money but mostly just to save ourselves the inconvenience of storing it, transporting it, setting it up, etc.

    No regrets... our ceremony was beautiful with or without an arch. It may have been a nice touch, but it wasn’t missed. Certainly not worth all the hassle that would’ve come along with it.

    As for you, there’s absolutely nothing boring about the beach and ocean and natural skyline! Lol. You’ll be fine without an arch. Smiley smileNo flower decor or arch for ceremony? 2

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  • E
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    Elizabeth ·
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    Thank you ladies! The more I've thought about it, the more I want to go with no arch. I don't want to burden anyone to decorate it for us. FH offered but that would cut into his getting ready time and could be stressful an hour before our first look. Plus I'd save money on flowers. Wins all around!
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