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Natural Hair Brides...what are you doing with your hair??

Chinwe, on December 26, 2017 at 7:13 AM Posted in Hair and Makeup 0 15
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I have super tightly coiled, short natural hair with unbelievable shrinkage and have no idea what to do with my hair on the day. I typically do twist outs by myself, but wanted to try something different! I’m getting married in Boca Raton in June so I’m not sure how long a twist out, blow out, or anything will last in the humidity! Please post pics of ideas if you have them!


  • RG3
    Dedicated April 2018
    RG3 ·
    Following. Been debating this myself, I have hired a natural hairstylist and makeup artist for the wedding, so she can do whatever. We've discussed doing a Brazilian Blowout to straighten and style it easier. I don't know though cause I am planning on doing an updo, so I am not sure it would matter much to straighten it. Here are a few styles I am looking at - I sm scanning pinterest for more ideas.
  • Shellycherea
    Devoted November 2018
    Shellycherea ·
    I’ll most likely get a silk press and then have it styled in an updo. Fortunately, my wedding is in November so I shouldn’t have an issue with the temperature and humidity. Honestly, I would suggest hiring a natural hair stylist and/or adding extra hair for length and drama. There are a few easy solutions here. Don’t stress too much about it. Also, check out Pinterest for some ideas.
  • C
    Just Said Yes July 2018
    Christina ·
    I’m in the same boat. I’m interested to hear ideas/suggestions.
  • Shellycherea
    Devoted November 2018
    Shellycherea ·
    Also, if you don’t want to straighten your hair but still want length, look into textures clip ins. This is just one example of many:
  • FutureMrsHill
    Expert April 2018
    FutureMrsHill ·

    I am undecided. But, lately I've been thinking about cutting my hair. It's so hard to decide!

  • shayandbae
    Devoted June 2019
    shayandbae ·

    I read this blog for inspiration. I’m thinking of adding clips ins if my hair isn’t the length I would like it to be by our wedding date.
  • Felicia
    Just Said Yes November 2018
    Felicia ·
    Being a natural girl with locs I understand. How about these ideas.
    Still looks natural, your hair is protected and it’s gorgeous without the risk of humidity messing it up! Or if u want to use your hair and can add some for effect. Good luck to you and congratulations!
  • Summer987
    Super May 2018
    Summer987 ·
    I'm going with a similar look to this photo. I have really tight curls. This style will also look great with my dress and veil.

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  • Millie
    Expert April 2018
    Millie ·
    I was thinking of getting a sewin with an updo! But this weekend.... I discovered gold! I’ve been debating on relaxing my hair because my tight ringlets are driving me crazy every wash day. My hair has gotten sooo long that I can’t do anything with it. I found out about this at-home keratin treatment and it has changed my life. My hair is silky and manageable. It’s called Uncurly and I highly recommend it!
  • 2
    Expert May 2018
    2018wedding ·

    I had my trial sew-in 2 weeks ago....It was perfect. tight and I couldnt get my natural hair to match the weave when I washed it. I took it out.

    I am either gonna do the sew in or ask if clip ins can get the same look.

  • F
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    Future Mrs. Shepard ·
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    Love it. I plan on wearing my hair up. My wedding in July so no point in straigtening it..with this Tx heat.
  • Catti Labelle
    VIP July 2018
    Catti Labelle ·

    I'm getting married in July with a rooftop ceremony and cocktail hour. We'll also take a bunch of outdoor pics. It's crazy humid here, so I'm thinking I'll stick with a low chignon type of style. I love the sleek look here as well as Natural Chica's wedding hair. I would love to wear my hair out, but it's too temperamental in the humidity.

    Natural Hair Brides...what are you doing with your hair?? 2

    Natural Hair Brides...what are you doing with your hair?? 3

    Natural Hair Brides...what are you doing with your hair?? 4

  • Vernell
    Devoted October 2018
    Vernell ·
    I plan to get a blow up nd put a couple of clip in pieces in my hair to make it fuller and curly all over.
  • OnCloudRawls
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    OnCloudRawls ·
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    I'm in love with the 2nd and 3rd picture!!!

  • Ta-Seti
    Beginner April 2020
    Ta-Seti ·
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    Omg totally love this!

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