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Name Change??? so confused

kelseyj, on October 21, 2010 at 12:24 PM Posted in Planning 0 13

I unexpectedly have monday off so i think it's a good opportunity to go change my name... but i have no effing clue how this works and nothing is helpful, so i'm turning to you helpful ladies!

Ok, where do i get a copy of my marriage certificate? do i go to the place where i got the license? can i just drop in and get them today? Next, i know i need to go to the social security office with the name change forms and such, where can i find the forms? what paper work do i need? also, can i go to the DMV that same day and get my new license or do I have to wait untill i get my new SSC?? Any help would be great!! I don't want to use a service though, because i'm in a time crunch, i don't have any days to request off till next year so it would be great if i could go on monday!!



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  • Analy aka T-waffle
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    Analy aka T-waffle ·
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    You need to contact the county clerk's office. You might be able to get a certified copy on a dropin basis, but I had to order mine by mail. Took about 2 weeks. But, every place is different. Call them and see what they say.

    Then, once you have that you go to SS. They will change our name there, and send you a new card. That takes about a week to get.

    Once you have that, you can go to the DMV and get a new license. The fee is less than $20 and you will need to get a new license.

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  • B
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    Brittany ·
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    I got a copy the official copy of the license in the mail the week after my wedding. But, you can also go to the place where you applied for it and gete a copy. I know here you can just walk in and get a copy for a fee. Then I just went to the Social Security Office and DMV the same day and asked for the paper work there. It just took a minute to fill out. I actually went to the DMV first so I didn't wait for my new SSC. I had a passport though, which means I disn't need my birth cert, etc so I'm not sure if that made a difference in not needing the new SSC.

    It was actually very easy...everything else I just did online, ovr the phone, or through the mail so I could do it whenever I had time. I was nervous about it because people make it sound so hard, but after going through it, I would never recommend anyone to pay a service to help get through it. It was very easy as along as you thoroughly think about everything that needs to be changed.

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  • J.S.
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    J.S. ·
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    Call the SS office and DMV to see which one you need to do first. The SS office here told me I needed my new license before they would change my SS card. I think I bought 2 additional copies of our marriage certificate. I needed a certified copy to do my passport, and I didn't want to send in the one we got mailed to us. It took FOREVER for me to get my new passport. And they did send my original back. You have up to a year to do this process for free, otherwise they make you pay for the whole thing all over again.

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  • FutureMrs
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    FutureMrs ·
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    I got a copy of my Marriage license with my actual marriage license when I picked it up..then the Tuesday after my wedding I went and got a seal stamped on it. I don't know how the County Clerk's office works in your area, but that's how it is where I live..And I went to the SSC with my copy of my marriage license, no forms to fill out, just gave him the license and told him what name I was changing mine to..And then the same thing at the DMV..just filled out a paper for a new drivers license with my new name on it, and it was only 9$. I did all this in one day..the only thing I have left is my Passport.

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  • Lady Bell S-T-B!!!!
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    Lady Bell S-T-B!!!! ·
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    Our minister filed our marriage license so we are waiting on the certificate. You need that certificate to get the SScard and DL changed I believe. You can get teh forms for the SS office on line off their website. Just google it. I did and saved it as a favorite. Then you need to handle the DL. But please understand that you can't just do anything with your banks until all those are in place really without it causing issues with obtaining money and ATM cards and you can't do your bank changes on line or over the phone, so you will need a week day or early Saturday to get that done as well.

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  • Emilie  Staats Hilsenrath
    Emilie Staats Hilsenrath ·
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  • Mrs. Jacques
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    Mrs. Jacques ·
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    You should be able to walk right in where you got your marriage license and get your marriage certificate. I am a little surprised you didn't get it in the mail though. I paid about 15$ for our marriage cert. Once you have that in hand go to the DMV with it and change your license-- then go to the SS office to change SS card. You should be able to do it all same day but it may be differ in from location to location but that is how it works here in NH. Once you have your license and SS card changed you can do banks, Credit cards.. etc over the phone.

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  • kelseyj
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    kelseyj ·
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    Thanks ladies I think I've finally got it all figured out!! I did get my marriage certificate in the mail, i just dodnt get any certified copies for certain things. I can go get them today and it seems I can do both in one day. Now I just hope the fact that I have an out of state license doesn't give me trouble. Need to change it to co anyways.

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  • Ryan
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    Ryan ·
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    The SS people will give you a printout that acts in an official temporary capacity as your SSC, so you can use that at the DMV. Make sure you bring a copy of something with your official street address to the DMV.

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  • dportloc
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    dportloc ·
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    Do not use It is FREE to change your name, don't pay for soemthing that is free! Even if you use their service you still have to go to the ss office in person.

    1.) get a cetified copy of your marriage liscens (from the court house where you filed for it in the first place)

    2.) go the ss office and change the name on your ss card. You will need this to change your name on anything else. Get there early, the line is HUGE!

    3.) you will have to wait for the offical ss card to come in the mail...the dmv or mva requires this actual card to get your new drivers lic

    4.) get your new drivers liscense

    5.) notify your work of the name change to fix your w4 and tax forms

    6.) then change it on your bank account

    7.)start calling all your credit card companies etc

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  • Sharon
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    Sharon ·
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    I've only changed my license, all I took was a copy of my marriage license and filled out the form. (from the comments above, it seems like some states make you change your social before gettin your license - ck with the DMV for your state).

    I am procrastinating with my social because it's a freakin 1/2 a day chore sitting there just waiting.

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  • M
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    Marcus ·
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    Below are the simple steps you can follow to change your name after marriage.

    1. Get certified copies of your marriage certificate.

    2. Change your name at the Social Security Administration office to get a new Social Security card that reflects your new name.

    3. Change your name at Department of Motor Vehicles to get a new drivers license.

    4. Change your name (and address if applicable) with the United State Postal Service so you don’t miss your mail.

    5. Change your name on your Bank accounts to keep your identity intact.

    6. Change your Passport name for easier travels.

    7. Change your name and other relevant information at Work.

    8. Notify other places you need to change your name.

    If you want to get the detailed step-by-step process, including the forms you need, costs, where to file documents, etc. read this article:

    I hope you found this answer useful.

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  • Grace
    Beginner May 2020
    Grace ·
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    How can the husband change his name before the actual wedding? I've been told it's really easy for the woman to change her name as long as it's the man's name she's taking and she has the marriage certificate (just newly married). I need to help my fiance change his name right because he's getting an LLC for his new business and we have a new last name chosen the we will be taking.
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