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Low Budget Small Wedding by Redwood trees?

Sarah, on June 29, 2020 at 12:29 PM Posted in California Planning 0 6

We were set to get married out of state on June 7 but due to Coronavirus we canceled as we just didn't feel safe doing it.

We are looking to completely change it up a bit and make it a bit more lowkey and closer to us (we are in LA so looking for something that is within a 5 hour drive). We are hoping to do it sometime between May-September next year.

Our finances did get affected by Coronavirus so our budget for everything went down and we already were having a fairly small wedding =/

We are having a really hard time trying to find something we want due to our budget which would be less than $7,500 (for EVERYTHING except the dress and his suit since we got those...ideally the $ would include the honeymoon as well, but we are willing to sacrifice it for just a 3 night stay somewhere local). Assuming all of our guests would make it, we are looking at a total of 20 (including us). We looked into having it at Sequoia National Park thinking it would be inexpensive but we were mistaken lol. Also looked into the Sequoia Retreat Center which is super overpriced. I dabbled into looking into Big Sur but cannot afford anything there. We just want to have a small wedding (we don't care about having decor for our ceremony, but would need chairs) practically adjacent to the trees, We would like a reception nearby that's indoors (don't want bugs near food) with a beautiful view for lunch or dinner that ideally has a small dance floor so we could just do a small amount of dancing.

Am I living in a fantasyworld, or can this actually be done on our budget? We may be able to push $10,000 tops if our parents chip in, but I'd rather not ask (I'm 39 and SO is 42...and just feel at our ages we should be footing the bill).

Any ideas on locations appreciated.


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