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lotr bachelorette t-shirt ideas

MN, on January 30, 2019 at 4:08 PM Posted in Parties and Events 1 4
I'm planning on making funny Lord of the rings t-shirts for the bachelorette.

So far I have:
Speak friend,
and enter
Thall shall not pass
My precious

I would appreciate any ideas on funny LOTR sayings. There are 8 girls going, just 1 shy of a fellowship Smiley smile


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  • Keary
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    Keary ·
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    Are you looking for general quotes or are you trying to maintain a theme with them all together?

    My fave is "dwarves are natural sprinters, very dangerous over short distances"

    then there is the whole "what about breakfast"

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  • Christine
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    Christine ·
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    In keeping with the bachelorette theme!

    I am no manlotr bachelorette t-shirt ideas 1

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  • Danielle K
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    Danielle K ·
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    Bahaha this is also my favorit quote

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  • Rebecca
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    Rebecca ·
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    "They're taking the hobbits to Isengard!"
    "One does not just walk into Mordor! (...swap out Mordor with 'marriage'!)


    Maybe a play on the Ringbearer?

    "Welcome to Rivendell"

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