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July Weddings amid Covid- What are you doing?

Alyssa, on April 14, 2020 at 11:08 AM Posted in Community Conversations 2 8
Hey All!
I’m supposed to be getting married July 11th, 2020 in Destin, Florida. This is a destination wedding for us and we have 125 guests confirmed as of now. Anyone else getting married in July? Are you postponing/cancelling or keeping your date right now? We have considered cutting our guest list to immediate family and wedding party only, too. It’s so hard to make decisions on what to do, especially with guests having condos/reservations. Thanks in advance!


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  • Kasyah
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    We also are getting married in Destin. Our original date was 3/30 and I'm still sick over it because the weather was absolutely perfect. We rescheduled to 7/20. Ours is much smaller though as it's destination. We will keep the date and reevaluate mid-June to see what we need to do. We still have 3 months so hopefully things get better. I would definitely contact your vendors/venue and come up with a back up date now though as many dates have filled up from couples already moving their dates out.
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  • A
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    That’s great advice! Thanks for the information. 😊
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  • Kristin
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    Getting married on July 11 and everything is still going as planned! We are inviting around 250 and in Michigan as well. Our venue is determined things will be better by then for the economy's sake! I plan to delay invitations and put an add in in the envelope saying we can push RSVP's out a few weeks and then just scramble last minute for a seating chat. Trying to remain positive as we still have around 3 months thankfully!

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  • Katharine
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    Awww. I grew up near Destin and worked there for a little while too. Beautiful location for a wedding!!

    I'm getting married July 18th, and we're still waiting to make the call. Currently planning to go ahead unless group restrictions are extended to/past our date. Though we only have about 80 guests so hopefully even if there are larger (150+) group restrictions, we should still be good. About half our guests are local (semi-local, they would have to drive to the resort and most everyone is planning to stay the weekend), and the other half are flying in directly to the resort from various states. I'm reluctant to cancel unless we have to because most of them have already paid for plane tickets.

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  • Sylessia
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    My wedding is July 7 in Columbia, SC and we are still moving forward with our date until we are told otherwise.
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  • J
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    July 25th and we have not postponed yet. The whole thing is already planned aside from a few details small details. We haven't ordered invitations yet, although we are debating getting them ordered and putting an insert in the envelope about the potential need to postpone if it is not safe. I've given myself until the beginning of May to hear more about any further restrictions and reach out to the venue for back-up options. I'm not super thrilled with the idea of getting married on the original date and then doing a reception later (part of me is so afraid people will think it is lame to come to my delayed reception, but I know that is very likely negative thinking), but it might be what we do so we don't lose our deposits.

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  • Lynnie
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    Hi Alyssa! A lot of July couples are in this "wait and see" camp! I'd recommend making a final decision by the end of May - that gives you plenty of time to notify all of your guests and for them to change their arrangements. In the meantime it never hurts to start the discussion with your venue about what Plan B could look like and see what dates they have available!

    Here are a few active discussions I've seen with other July couples sharing their concerns:

    July 2020 Weddings - Is it all going to be ok by then?

    July and August Brides Who Have not Postponed

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  • Alex
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    Hey, I am also getting married in Destin, FL on July 24th. My fiancé and I just sent out our invitations and we are keeping our date, unless things have not eased up by June. We are hopeful that they will so that’s why we are holding out 🙂 luckily we still have time!
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