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Is anyone else’s wedding in 2020?

Mia, on February 14, 2018 at 5:29 AM Posted in Planning 1 161
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Is there anyone else who is having their wedding in 2020? We’ve decided to wait until May 2020 in order to save money for the wedding. Did anyone have a long engagement? How did you go about planning your wedding?


  • Elaine
    Savvy July 2020
    Elaine ·
    Congratulations!! Mine is July 11, 2020! We have actually booked our venue and I think that is all we are doing this year! I do have the colors for my wedding and have a board on Pinterest.
  • Katie
    Devoted September 2018
    Katie ·
    Long engagement here! We got engaged in 2009 and are now just planning our wedding (Sept 29, 2018) We personally just weren’t in a rush to get married. We finally decided to get married this past summer and since then things have been busy with planning! No real advice on how we went about planning, I just jumped right in! You have a lot of time so my best advice is to take your time planning, no rush decisions and truly think things through. Having that much time, you will find that you may change your mind on certain things often. I personally have done this myself, I’ve already changed my mind on centerpieces about 5 times! So just take your time and have fun with it! Don’t ask for too much advice or you’ll end up overwhelmed and second guessing yourself! I’ve found that out the hard way by asking too many people for opinions and ending up with way too much feedback.
  • McBuxton
    Dedicated February 2020
    McBuxton ·
    Jan/feb 2020
    We are currently looking at venues now!
  • Mia
    Dedicated May 2019
    Mia ·
    Sounds like we’re on track. We have a “vision” of what we want, and we’re looking at venues soon. The things we want to accomplish this year are venue and engagement photos so that we can send out our save the dates at a reasonable time because we’re having a “destination” wedding. It’s really not a destination wedding though because it’s in my home town, but all of his family and friends will have to fly there.
  • Meet_The_Clarks
    VIP June 2018
    Meet_The_Clarks ·

    We had a long engagement. Got engaged 2/2/16 and tieing the knot on 6/8/18. We immediately went venue "shopping" and booked the venue in March 2016. I wanted to make sure I got the one that I wanted. I started doing alot of research on what I've wanted. Good thing I did because I've changed my mind about 120385039323962491028376 times since then. You're definitely on track right being so far out. I booked all of the major vendors in 2016, with the exception of HMU artist. I booked her in June 2017. I wanted to make sure we got all the vendors that we liked before others snatched them up since June is a popular month. Determining your budget is a must. You need to know how much you can spend, even with the time saving. That was the primary reason we waited so long. Our venue is pricey...very pricey. Could have gotten married in March 2017, but that would have only been 12 months to save. Take your time and really enjoy the engagement. congrats!

    ETA: FH lets me pick whatever I want. He has no interest..except when it came to the food tasting part lol

  • B
    Devoted January 2019
    Brittany ·
    We are, also to save money and not be stressed over paying for everything. Spring of 2020 is what we are looking at we doing have a date yet.
  • DecemberBride2018
    Dedicated December 2018
    DecemberBride2018 ·
    Our original plan was 2020...started doing some planning and found our dream venue...now we are getting married 12/22/18. Although it’s earlier than we originally planned, it’s what was meant for us and we are super excited. If we did 2020 we were going to to 6-6-2020 or 12-12-2020. Happy planning!!!
  • Alysha
    Beginner March 2020
    Alysha ·

    My fiance and I decided on 2020 as well. (we got engaged January 27th) We decided to space out the partying. hehe-

    we're doing engagement party this year, (we're thinking October time frame) bridal shower next year and wedding 2020. We have started to venue shop and have found that many venues will allow us to lock in 2018 rates for a 2020 wedding which will save us anywhere from $500- $1000 on the venue. I'm excited to wait it out, it allows us to really shop things out, and it allows us to know how much to save. Once we secure a venue and put down a down-payment we know how much we need to save for the venue payment or if we want to do a payment plan.

  • L
    Beginner June 2019
    Lauren ·
    Yes a 2020 wedding here! I thought the year would be cool and bc we wanted to save. I have a board on pintrest but nothing set for sure. I like planning so im just "shopping around" until its closer to 2019 then all plans will be set in stone. Some people told me i was crazy waiting so long until the wedding. Im thinking the date will be 6-20-20 bc the 20th is the daye of both of our bdays (mines in mar his sep) and 6 bc thats half way between our bdays and its also summer time. Ive always wanted an outside wedding
  • Kdouglas
    Beginner April 2020
    Kdouglas ·
    Getting married April 20 2020 in order to save money I wanna only do it once so I don't want to cut corners I want to have my dream wedding
  • V
    Beginner August 2019
    Victoria ·
    We are getting married Feb 2020. That way we can save for the wedding we want. It also pay some bills down. And that way I don't get so overwhelmed with planning.
  • N
    Just Said Yes June 2021
    Nicole ·
    My husband and I are already married but we just went to the courthouse so we're doing a five year vow renewal in NC in June 2020. It will be like an actually wedding and reception so I'm very excited. We are also doing it out of state so we have already started saving and planning everything and will send out save the dates to give everyone a heads up. We are scheduling a trip to look at beach houses (that will be our ceremony /reception site) catering sampling and hairdressers this fall.
  • Roshelle
    Dedicated October 2020
    Roshelle ·
    Well I’m in the same boat as you. We are planning 10/10/2020. It’s better for us cuz money needed to be saved. Right now we’re zeroing in on a venue. Honestly the only annoying things about our engagement is family telling us their opinions on our engagement. Like we’re taking too long and whatever else have you. Or the CONSTANT question of “how’s the wedding planning going” every damn time I see my mother in law. But I’m hype we get to really plan this wedding since we have a very different theme for our wedding. I’m in no rush.
  • N
    Just Said Yes October 2020
    Natasha ·
    We’re getting married 10/10/20 10/10 is our anniversary and we like that day and the next time it falls on a Saturday is 10/10/20 which is how we picked the date. Plus we’re paying for the wedding ourselves so we wanted time to save. We just booked our venue but we’ll be waiting for most other things.
  • S
    Just Said Yes May 2020
    Shenika ·
    I am doing the same exact thing. The house we wanted wasn't available. We decided to wait and do it right. We don't want to start off stressed out about money
  • Jackie
    Just Said Yes June 2020
    Jackie ·
    We got engaged on christmas eve 2017. We set our date for June 20th 2020. We been together for 5 years with a handsome son together. Longer engagement but owell whats another 2 more years lol. More time to plan and set some things aside instead of being rush..
  • India
    Just Said Yes June 2020
    India ·
    Just take your time it is YOUR wedding!

    We were looking at 4-20-20 but it's a Monday so 6-20-20 it is. Saving money is key, less stress and we can actually live afterwards!
    We have been touring venues and have cut it down to two venues.
    Praying all goes well for your big day!
  • Carla
    Just Said Yes May 2020
    Carla ·
    Yes 5/23/20. About to book oyr cake person and I have my beautician and hair dresser. Thats all for now.
  • Justine
    Super July 2019
    Justine ·

    We just got engaged on February 4th and were originally planning for June of 2019... but then our dream house came along and they accepted our offer! So we are now needing to wait until 2020 so we can budget since our downpayment is taking our "wedding money"!

    Does anyone think we still need to book a venue this early though? We aren't even sure we'll have enough for the deposit...

  • M
    Beginner October 2020
    Melissa ·
    We are planning on getting married in October 2020 in order to save money as well. So far we have been engaged a year but together for 4 years. This is my 2nd marriage so I’ve been taking it slow and enjoying being engaged.

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