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Introverted bride

Marie, on January 4, 2020 at 10:10 AM Posted in Community Conversations 1 9
I had a private stress session last night when I thought about the ceremony. As an introvert the thought of being the center of attention all day is scary. And I feel like the ceremony will be the “worst” time of all when all eyes are undoubtedly on me. Is anyone else nervous about this??


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  • Sara
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    Sara ·
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    I am 100 percent introverted, as well as a sufferer of anxiety. However knowing that my fiance will be at the end of the walk way and will be who I am focusing on for the whole ceremony is the only thing getting me through it. Just make sure when planning your walk down the aisle and for the duration of the ceremony you have a safe place to focus on if you get overwhelmed. I chose my fiance as my safe place anyways because he always has been my safe place in any social setting. I think in general there will be too much happening during the ceremony that you'll barely notice the others watching you. Hopefully this helps a little! I had much anxiety over it as well but talking to my fiance about it definitely helped a lot.
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  • Nandi
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    Nandi ·
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    Me !!! I’m more stressed out about this than actual wedding planning. The thought of everyone watching me walk down the aisle and then watching us during our first dance has me feeling like a nervous wreck! You’re definitely not alone.

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  • Don
    Super February 2021
    Don ·
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    Hang in there, you'll do just fine, I'm an introvert too, I was born male, now I get estrogen injections every week and I'll be wearing a wedding dress, and those eyes will be on me, I'm TERRIFIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  • Caytlyn
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    Caytlyn ·
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    I was absolutely terrified of our ceremony. I have anxiety and can be super easily overwhelmed by large crowds. I’m not going to BS you and say that the moment I walked down the aisle, everyone else disappeared, because they didn’t. But focusing on my soon to be wife helped tremendously. I locked eyes with her as soon as the doors opened and never looked away. I had every intention of looking out at all of our guests and taking it all in, but it didn’t happen. I couldn’t look back at all of those eyes looking at me, and that’s okay! Keeping the ceremony short and sweet was super helpful. We also wrote our own “repeat after me” vows which made me feel much more comfortable. I had the chance to read over them a few times and they were actually our words instead of some stiff script that felt unnatural. I promise it’s not as bad as you think and you will be just fine!
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  • Becca
    Devoted October 2019
    Becca ·
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    I was definitely nervous about being the center of attention. But I never once thought about being the center of attention. People are at the wedding to celebrate you and your new spouse. The only thing that I was not that comfortable doing was the dances, but I still had a blast. Most of the time there is always someone with you so you aren’t alone doing tasks. You and your spouse are together doing something in the ceremony or reception. If you are doing first dance and parent dances then you are with your parent.

    Just let loose and have a blast. Don’t worry about what others are doing. They are there to celebrate you and your spouse joining together because they love you.
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  • Cyndy
    Rockstar May 2019
    Cyndy ·
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    I think the most important thing you can do is focus on your fiancé when it’s time to walk down the aisle. He will help keep you calm and it will be over in no time.
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  • Michelle
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    Michelle ·
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    I don't like attention myself and at first I was worried about it. Now as we're getting closer and things are moving I'm just ready to marry that man. My excitement has overpowered my fears and I love it. I also remembered that everyone there will be there in support of our union. It's all our favorite people who know and love us so that's what helps me. I hope when your day comes all of those thoughts just disappear! 😊
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  • Future Mrs. Cwik
    Devoted March 2021
    Future Mrs. Cwik ·
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    I’m super extroverted but I still get stage fright! My fiancé is also fairly extroverted but he was really freaking about feeling stupid talking during the ceremony. We decided against writing our own vows to take the pressure off of him, and we’re doing a short ceremony.

    We are also not doing a traditional first dance. We’re going to invite everyone to join us in our first dance so that we aren’t the center of everything.
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  • Rebecca
    Master August 2019
    Rebecca ·
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    DH and I are both introverts, but are also actors, so the problem wasn't being the center of attention, the problem was just the sheer amount of "people time".

    Things we did to stay calm in the spotlight:

    1. Steady breathing. When in doubt, take a moment, slow and deepen your breathing.

    2. Focus on each other.

    3. Build in moments where you get to be alone. Signing the license is a great one, bride & groom photoshoot is another, and *have a sweetheart table*. (This lets you have dinner *just the two of you*.)

    4. Have good entertainment. People will still want to be with the bridal couple, but if the music is making their feet tap... they'll say hi and then go boogie.

    5. Know you will collapse when you get to the hotel/home/wherever you are staying. Don't put pressure on the "wedding night" - you will get out of that dress, wash your face, and collapse face first into bed.

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