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Da Mom
August 2022

How to make wedding day special if the reception gets cancelled/postponed.

Da Mom, on March 30, 2020 at 1:09 AM Posted in Community Conversations 0 3

My nephew and his long time girl friend are finally getting married Memorial Day weekend! We are beyond excited to celebrate with them but of course their reception may have to be cancelled or postponed. They plan to wed that day and already made provisions to have the groom’s brother officiate if need be. We plan to send our card and gift to arrive by their wedding day no matter what, but I’m wondering what else we and our huge extended family could do to make it more meaningful if we can’t be there. I’m looking for ideas from those in their shoes. What would make your day more special?


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  • Kate
    Expert October 2020
    Kate ·
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    Fingers crossed everything goes as planned for them! This is such a nerve-racking and scary time. I would say maybe a big gift card for something geared towards their honeymoon. It could give them something to look forward to & passed all of the junk going on. Everyone could come together and give $15-$25 towards an airbnb gift card or an airline gift card for them to take a nice weekend for themselves. If they have a honeymoon planned, gift them an excursion or an activity, a spa day or upgrade their room.

    I do have to say, my FH and I would be blown away by any sort of thoughtful gift- a few that come to mind when I think of weddings are a nice gift basket sent to their door with chocolates & champagne etc., subscription to meal kits for a few months, if they like a zoo or a local aquarium maybe a year membership to either, theme park memberships. My friends got married a few years ago and their families gifted them a slip at a marina for their boat. Best wishes xxx

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  • Laura
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    Hi! I think it's so sweet that you're thinking of ways to make the day special for them! Here's an article that I think may help:

    10 Ways to Help Loved Ones Who Postponed Their Weddings Due to COVID-19

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  • Da Mom
    August 2022
    Da Mom ·
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    Thank you!

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