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Help! Eloping?

Future Mrs. Lowder, on August 9, 2020 at 5:21 PM Posted in Planning 0 6
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Hey y’all..

FH and I have decided that eloping is the route we want to take. We were supposed to be doing a small wedding with our friends and family but since the virus started we’ve had to change plans. He and I have decided that riding up to where we plan on having our honeymoon and getting married there, just the two of us would be the best option. We’re planning on have a party with our friends and family sometime next year but I’m a little worried about how to tell my parents we’re doing this.. any advice?


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  • Yasmine
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    I would just tell them the truth! With Covid still being a thing, many places have restrictions on guest count etc. I would tell them that you don’t want to wait another year to get married that you plan on eloping and having a reception which will include everyone next year
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  • Lisa
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    I would tell them honestly about your decision. I don't think you need to justify it or explain - your decision should be enough. Definitely tell them that you're planning to do a larger party next year, and maybe include them on plans for that.
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  • Samantha
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    If you’re up to it have only parents come. I can imagine it being hard right now and then as a parent not being able to be there. If not I would probably explain after lol.
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  • Kristen
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    Well elopements mean 10 people or less so if you both wanted parents there you could. I will say we are getting married with two friends and my brother and no other family is not invited. FH is not particularly as close as I would like him to be with his immediate family but we did tell them because I did not want to disrespect them by them finding out via social media. We called and his sister appreciated it and admitted it would have been hurtful had we done it and not said anything to them but they were understanding. His dad sounded disappointed but my FH explained it was not me but him bc he has social anxiety and his family knew that about him. I mean prepare for the worse but this is your decision but it is better to tell them upfront. Plus maybe you can livestream them in? also, I think having the large party later will be comforting to them.

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  • Nicole
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    We originally wanted to elope with just the two of us, but we also didn't want to start any drama with our parents. So we decided to tell them and of course, they wanted to be there. It ended up working out. We had a small ceremony with our parents and brothers and it actually felt more special that way.

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  • Breann
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    Breann ·
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    You can get married however you like! "Elopement" and "micro wedding" are just words. Everyone has their reasons and they'll understand whatever you choose.

    I wanted a private ceremony with some of the traditional elements. Splurged on a good photography team and I love how our day turned out!


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