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HCG Injections for weight loss!?!? who has done them what was your experience??

Mrs., on February 2, 2013 at 11:16 PM Posted in Community Conversations 0 15
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Starting my first week got them from a weight loss clinic. im finding them to be painless im on my first day only eating 500 calories and im not hungry i couldnt even finish the 500 calories. your supposed to be able to lose weight super fast on this diet for those of you that dont know. i went to medical school and hcg is a hormone your body produces when you are prego. years ago they have found that it helps you lose weight. you inject the HCG into your stomach or thigh. what i was wondering is how did you lose your first week? did you inject into your thigh or stomach? and what time a day did you inject? i have been doing it at bed time in my stomach its only been 4 days and i have lost 4 lbs.


  • Mrs. DooPwee
    VIP May 2013
    Mrs. DooPwee ·

    Is this only by prescription?

  • Mrs.
    Super November 2012
    Mrs. ·

    No you can walk into a weight loss clinic and ask for them you have to see the Dr. on site first for him say its ok for you to take. they are not cheap. insurance doesnt cover them. they are about $375 for one month and $35 for the office visit. the reviews i look up say you can lose up to 2lbs a day or more depending how well you can follow the diet.

  • Sarah D.
    VIP March 2013
    Sarah D. ·

    I had many friends do them and all regained the weight plus even more.. from secondhand experience, it wasn't good.. yes they dropped a ridiculous amount of weight but nearly doubled it back once they stopped taking it. I'm sure there are people that have been successful, but I don't recommend it.

  • Lily
    Expert April 2013
    Lily ·

    I was just going to say the same thing Sarah mentioned. My friend had the same experience. I wouldn't recommend it.

  • Leanna T.
    VIP March 2013
    Leanna T. ·

    Insurance doesn't cover it?? Well, I for one am shocked!

    Sounds frankly dangerous.

  • L
    Dedicated August 2013
    lav3 ·

    I did it before, I used the drops. It was horrible. I almost passed out. I lasted a day!

    My friend did it and lost 15 lbs in a month but she regained the weight and she was struggling to lose it again.

    I have lost 9 lbs so far..I started my diet jan 4th. I eat 1200 calories a day and ran for 30 minutes 3-5 days a week. I think its healthier than hcg.

  • Mrs.
    Super November 2012
    Mrs. ·

    I don't think they do cover it at least that clinic didnt (i dont have insurance anyway) so im not sure some might because a Dr has to give it to you. its not dangerous because its a natural hormone and the reason im doing it is because i was on weight watchers for years and lost about 80 lbs but i fell off the wagon last year and decided to eat whatever i want and i gained 45 lbs back! going to get back on weight watchers but this is just a way for me to jump start it and get my use to the portion control again and lose at least 15-20 lbs

  • Bride2Be
    Expert September 2013
    Bride2Be ·

    My fiance' is on his second round of this. The first time I think he lost 50 or so pounds? Definitely more than 2 per week. He's probably on his third or fourth week now and he's lost 24 lbs. The first was over the summer, he gained back some during the holidays but that's because he simply ate like crap. He is so super strict though when he's dieting. He does it in his stomach. It really works well for him. He is hungry every day though. It's difficult for a grown man who also works out to only eat 500 calories a day. I wish I could do it, I'm definitely jealous of how rapidly he's losing and I'm doing it the "right" way and losing very slowly.

  • WasSoon2BMrsSmith
    Master September 2010
    WasSoon2BMrsSmith ·

    I'm with Leanne on this. Develope healthy eating habits and work out, gimick crap only works while your doing it then you revert back to yourold ways after all you havn't taught yourself anything you've just tricked yourself. Sounds terrible

  • R
    Master June 2015
    RayRay ·

    This sounds absolutely awful and unsafe.

    These things never work long term. NEVER. Change your diet and exercise. That's really the only way.

  • Celia Milton
    October 2019
    Celia Milton ·

    You can eat 500 calories of jellybeans a day and lose weight.

    Not healthy. Don't do it.

  • R
    Just Said Yes July 2003
    Rayzel ·

    On the surface it can appear crazy or unhealthy, but my experience has been the complete opposite. I have catalogued my whole journey with hCG at my blog if you want to see. It really does work- I've had hydrostatic body fat testing done before and after the diet with a very high rate of fat loss (80-90%), and it's been over 9 months now since my last round, eating regular healthy food and doing great at maintaining my losses.

    I hope that helps someone!


  • A
    Just Said Yes June 2011
    April ·
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    Yes your right insurance doesn't cover them but my injections we're nowhere near $375 a month. This will be my first time trying them thanks for sharing the info.
  • T
    Super December 2018
    T P ·

    Please take caution in pursuing this method of weightloss. hCG shots, as a means of weight loss, has not been well received by the FDA or other research into its safety. Generally, the restrictions on caloric intake are dangerously low, and the chemical use increases the risk of blood clots. If you do proceed, please be certain to monitor your health very closely!

  • Aaron ·

    I have been happy with it it's bee 7 days i have been losing around 2 pounds a day with less hunger pains though out the day.

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