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Having a very small wedding in Chicago - where do I have it??

Ericka, on January 5, 2011 at 8:24 PM Posted in Honeymoon 0 14
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My fiance and I live in Denver, but are planning on getting in married in Chicago because we absolutely love it! We're only having about 25 guests. Any suggestions on where to have a small ceremony?


  • Katterina
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    Katterina ·

    Welcome Ericka. There's so many places that I can suggest. What kind of place were you guys looking for? Also do you have a preferred area? City of Chicago, suburbs, etc?

    If you can answer those few questions, I'm sure I can offer some suggestions.

  • Ericka
    Just Said Yes July 2011
    Ericka ·

    Definately city. We will be staying in a hotel in the city, and don't want our guests to travel far. I would like somewhere outdoor, but we're also thinking of maybe a hotel, or golf/country club. We also just can't justify paying thousands of dollars for a ceremony when it's so small!

  • Len Woelfel
    September 2019
    Len Woelfel ·

    You can probably find a park through the Park District. I can't think of anyplace in the city that has a room that small except for hotels. Places that only have one room will likely want to charge you the same as if there were 250 people, so that probably won't work. I would start at the hotel, then start expanding the search geographically.

    The only non-hotel places I can think of that is a little smaller MIGHT be Prairie Production on the near west side, or the West Loop Studios.

  • Hayley C™
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    Hayley C™ ·


    click on Mon Ami Gabi - they have a small private room and below link should be the dinner packages. Ami Chicago Dinner Packages Fall Winter 11.2010.pdf

  • Elizabeth
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    Elizabeth ·

    The only problem if you want the venue to also do the food is that they tend to have a very high minimum guest count. So you may be better off in a restaurants private room or renting a hall and then haivng your food catered. Most place I looked at had a minimum of 75-100 guests!

  • Hayley C™
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    Hayley C™ ·


    try this website for searches. That first one might not work if you want a dance floor and music... not sure what you were envisioning.

  • Hayley C™
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    Hayley C™ ·


    Seats 25-250. Party coordinator on site.

    Don't go more chicago than Harry Caray not sure if you are Cubs fans.

  • Beautiful August.
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    Beautiful August. ·

    I would suggest maybe a nice restaurant. The Signature Room has delicious food!

    Other than that I suggest something in a hotel. Ohhhh Wait!! When I was looking for somewhere to have our wedding, had it been small, I would have gone with this place.

    There was another one that was right by the bean.

    Look at this one too,

    What style are you looking for?

    This place is beautiful too and it's a blank canvas so you can do wonders with it.

    I live in the city, about 15 minutes from the Loop so let me know if there is anything else I can help with! I'd be happy to help.

  • A
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    Amanda ·

    I would suggest Volo. I was booked to have my wedding there before I changed my mind to have a destination wedding. They are very kind and respond quickly and there little outdoor patio has so much character.

  • Raven
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    Raven ·

    Hi Ericka....I was born and raised in Chicago and my fh and I are getting married outside at one of the Chicago park district locations called Promontory Point in the Hyde Park area of Chicago. It is a small castle looking building right off of Lake Michigan that only comfortably holds around 70 ppl and is best for groups of 10-60. We will get married outside in front of the water and then go inside for the reception. The spot is quaint, lovely, and cheap (about $2k for the venue).

    Act fast though because when I called to inquire mid-November, there were only 3 2011 dates left and I took one of them (but perhaps someone has cancelled or will soon).

    Anyway, I highly suggest going to the chicago park district website, they have a whole section for private event locations...They are spread all across the city and alll of them a pretty reasonable. Good luck!!

  • Mary
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    Mary ·

    Volo loks beautiful! I've never been, but it seems like what you are looking for.

    Most of the Lettuce restaurants ( do private dining, etc., but you'd need to check about outdoor space. My FH's cousin got married at Maggiano's downtown and it was nice enough (not us, but...). It didn't have outdoor space, though. Private dining website: and party planner: (but there's no mention of outdoor spaces here...)

  • Lea
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    Lea ·

    Hi! I am wondering what you have figured out with your small Chicago wedding because I am planning the same type of setting. I will have about 22 people and will have the ceremony in a park then dinner at a restaurant after... im having a tough time trying to find a just-in-case-it-rains plan though!!!

    Id love to hear about your plans!!!

  • Sarah Toulouse
    September 2019
    Sarah Toulouse ·

    Hi there, we specialize in small weddings with capacity up to 100 max. We are located less than 2 miles from Michigan Ave. and have spectacular views of the Chicago skyline. Special packages are available for weddings with under 50 guests and elopements.

  • R
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    Rosalee ·

    Can anyone help as to who I would talk to about a Chicago beach wedding? Same sex couple. It will be very small maybe about 15-20 people. I was thinking a small ceremony. I just don't know who I would speak to.

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