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Hair and Make up Trial 8/03/2019

Jessica, on September 8, 2019 at 8:37 PM Posted in Hair and Makeup 0 3

Hair and Make up Trial 8/03/2019 1

I posted this before and can't find my post anymore. I wanted to know what you guys thing about the silver. Silver is one of my 3 colors for the wedding and although I know with my skin tone is better with warmer colors, I kinda wanted to try the silver...Do you think silver looks good? Does my make up have to be one of my wedding colors?

Also, not sure if I should do my own make up or get it professionally done. I'm comfortable with my make up looking nice if I do it myself, my concern is with it lasting the entire time.


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  • Destiny
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    Your makeup doesnt have to be one of ur colors if ur worried about it lasting all day go to sephora or ulta and have them suggestion a long wear makeup try it out on a day youll be doing "vigiras"(?) activity like working out/housework stuff like that lol.

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  • L. Thomson
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    I think warmer tones suit you better
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  • MrsD
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    I don't think you need to have silver on your eyes just because it's your wedding color. We had gold, green & blue in our wedding and none of those were incorporated into my makeup. If you can afford to have someone to do your makeup, I'd do it! I just think it's nice to be pampered on your wedding day and have a professional take over.

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