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Groom/groomsmen attire

Carissa, on August 8, 2021 at 6:19 PM Posted in Wedding Attire 0 4
We need help with ideas for the groom and groomsmen attire! My SO wants to stick with a more casual look, and doesn’t want “all fancied up” but to look nice of course. He’s a little country bumpkin so I’m surprised I got him to even agree to slacks 😅
Need inspo for more casual styled outfits! Our colors are dusty blue/greys and sunflowers!🌻


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    Here are some more laid back options. I will say though that he should really match the formality of your dress though.
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  • SHY
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    What comes to mind are suspenders and dress slacks with bow ties! It's casual enough to be comfortable, but dressy enough for a wedding.

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  • Lynnie
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    I think a no-jacket look with a tie or suspenders would be perfect!! Grey or blue (dusty blue or navy) pants are the way to go!

    Here's some more attire ideas you can look through:

    A Guide to Rustic Wedding Attire for Laid-Back Grooms

    8 Wedding Suits for Grooms That Aren't Super Fancy

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  • Aimee
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    I have a country bumpkin too! Neither he nor his family are "getting dressed up" kind of people. We have opted for a semi-casual rustic theme. My FH and the GM are wearing jeans with white dress shirts and vests and instead of bow ties we're going with stetsons (bolo ties) and cowboy boots for footwear. Since we were so specific on the boots, we're actually buying them for our GMs and BMs as part of their gift. (We have a very small wedding party 2 on each side with a few kiddos) our colors are navy blue, dusty blue and tan. FH has a nice black leather vest we purchased on vacation prior to the pandemic that he'll wear with black denim and we'll either have the GM wear navy (if it matches the BM navy attire) or tan. BMs are wearing navy with lighter denim jackets. We are encouraging our guests to wear their best blue jeans, boots and hats if they have them! We wanted everyone to be comfortable and felt that being together and sharing the day with our friends and family was more important than what everyone is wearing. I'm almost worried, I will be the one over dressed since I do have a traditional wedding dress. But my MOH assured me it's my day and I'm supposed to outshine everyone. LOL That's why I picked her to be my MOH. Smiley smile

    I know many may feel that this is too laid back for a wedding, but I know our families will be fine with it and it's what we both wanted. so it works for us!

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