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Europe Honeymoon

FMP, on October 2, 2016 at 1:36 PM Posted in Honeymoon 1 18

Has anyone planned their honeymoon to Europe? I desperately want to book a honeymoon to Europe but I'm having a hard time envisioning the logistics of it. I know we would most likely fly out of NY, and then fly to Ireland or London. Then I would want to probably visit Amsterdam, Paris, Italy, Spain. Should I do the eurorail? Or rent a car? How much do travel agents cost? Would I be smarter to use a Groupon w/ airfare and hotel included? I'm so confused.... and then I'm nervous about the language barriers. Can someone tell me how you planned your trip if you are visiting Europe?


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  • BritishBride
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    Travelling around Europe is very easy- you can either fly from London to Amsterdam in less than an hour, or take the Eurostar which also serves as a link between Amsterdam, London and Paris. Make a list of where you would like to go and maybe research what you would like to do there, to get an indication of how long you might like to stay in each place. Trains are very efficient in Europe. Coaches are also an option (try Eurolines) but take longer than trains generally. You can also do Coach package tours which cover like 15 countries in a month, and offer you the security of being part of a group, organising your hotels etc and giving you suggestions of places to visit as part of the tour. Look at or for flights and prices as well. Good luck! Be brave-go for it!

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  • CastleSabrina
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    I wanted to do this, I have been looking into GoAhead tours, they book everything for you, they do the hotels the guide, everything. And they have it where you pay a deposit then monthly payments until you leave. I've been reading into reviews. I'm planning it for our one year anniversary, because after paying for the wedding, that's not really going to be in the budget unfortunately. Smiley sad

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  • Mrs. Britt
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    We used a travel agency for our European honeymoon but flew Vueling between Spain and Italy but I've taken the trains in Europe too and they were super convenient when getting between countries.

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  • Gracie
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    Use tripmasters! I planned our entire trip to Europe on it and it'll tell you the cost and easiest transportation from each city. It's fantastic!! We had an incredible time and it was super cheap!

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  • RiceAndRoses
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    We used a travel agent to book the flights and hotels.

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  • Krista933
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    We did Italy and Greece!

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  • Private_User804
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    I lived in Europe for years and have taken many trips there as well. Take it from me - do an absolute max of 2 cities per week, and even that is pushing it. Preferably stay in 1 city for a whole week, using it as a base for 1 or 2 daytrips. But unless you have a whole month for your honeymoon, don't shove 4-6 countries into one trip. You'll spend all your time going to/from train stations and airports, repacking your suitcase, and trying to figure out how to get places.

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  • the Grooms
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    Best airport to fly to Europe is through Detroit if you can, it's actually shorter, you fly up over canada and back down instead of over the ocean. Also, Detroit's international terminal is part of the main airport so no going back through security.

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  • Gina Marie
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    We called a travel agent. I could not (and didn't want to) handle the additional stress. However, I did search which places in Europe would be best by month. We are getting married in May and it's the best time for Greece but worst time for anything in the UK

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  • Shy-Bull
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  • Future Mrs. Holz
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    We're doing a cruise. Starting and ending in Rome. Easy peasy

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  • HolyMoly63
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  • fsumissa
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    I have traveled to Europe twice. Once for 5 weeks and then for 3 weeks. Summer is tourist season, prices are higher. Airbnb is great for staying with the locals and cheaper than hotels/ bed & breakfast. I personally like the bus tours in the UK (rabbies tours to be more specific) they can be one day to a week and tell you about the history and take you to some of the best places (cliffs of Moher, castles and lochs). Plan ahead! Dedicate more than a few days to each place and plan your days but leave some open for travel or random things. There really isn't a language barrier as most people speak English in the major cities. Do your research as some places are free on certain days or before a certain time (park guell before 8 am in barcelona). Use public transportation as you get a real feel for the culture. I use trip advisor to research hotels and places and make sure you look at the reviews! Europe is absolutely amazing. If you have any question or want help I would love to because going to Europe has been one of the best experiences of my life. (Ireland, Scotland, England, Spain, Czech Republic, France)

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  • fallinthegarden
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    My FH and I travelled Europe for two weeks this summer and visited all those places and more. It's super-easy to either fly or take the train between cities. I've flown in Europe with Rynair, Vueling, and Easyjet, all budget airlines and had no problems. If you fly into Ireland, we flew AerLingus and thought it was great. Google flights will let you compare flights, and raileurope is a good resource for train tickets.

    Public transport in European cities is very good, if you're planning on staying within the city except to travel between cities you don't need a rental car. Even getting between the city center and airport/train station is very straightforward and easy.

    I wouldn't do a groupon, I'd set your own itinerary, that way you can make your vacation exactly as you'd like. We made a list of potential things to do in each city, and then picked what we wanted to do next as we went. In most big towns, they offer some type of city card where you pay a flat fee and get admission into a variety of their popular spots, usually at a decent to substantial discount and with the ability to skip the lines.

    As for language, in any town with a lot of tourists, people in the hospitality industry (hotels, restaurants, etc.) will speak English, as well as most other people in the town. Airports, subway stations, etc. will also have signs in English or easy-to-understand symbols.

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  • Ioana
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    Ioana ·
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    Look into Costco Travel! I personally think it's the best!

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  • WHO? Mrs. Jones
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    I went backpacking in Europe for 3 weeks and planned my entire trip on a whim. I bought my international plane ticket a week before I left, lol! I ended up flying between most countries due to lack of planning. This was easier than the very few times I had to use/figure out the railways. I would probably choose one country and travel to a couple of cities you'd like to visit there. In 3 weeks, 4 countries was overwhelming, and I wished I'd spent more time in all of them. I spent the most time in Mallorca, a small Spanish island, and wished I'd spent all of my time there.

    I personally wouldn't use a Groupon, but it may be easier for you to do so. I think since you have so much time to plan, you could plan a great trip and also look out for flight deals in the next year. My entire trip ended up costing around $1,500, including all airfare the duration of the trip. I used and cheap bus tickets to travel between airports if it was cheaper to flight out of a different city, but I wasn't on a super time constraint, and you may be. Just research suggestions and travel tips and resources. You can definitely have a great trip that you plan yourself!

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  • Kelly
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    @Gracie thank you so much for pointing me towards tripmasters!!! I was so surprised and delighted with the deals I have found :-) :-)

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  • Holly
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    We're just doing London most likely, but we booked a deal through British Airways for hotel and airfare at a good price. I was recently looking into a Travelex MasterCard that you can pre-load with multiple currencies- that would be really useful for you going from country to country!

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