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Dress Duels: Full or Fitted?

Clíodhna, on December 3, 2019 at 11:05 AM Posted in Wedding Attire 2 161

A-line, ball gown, mermaid, sheath, fit-n-flare: which dress silhouette is more your style? Do you love figure hugging dresses or are you all about the ballgowns?

Which dress silhouette do you prefer? Full or fitted?


Dress Duels: Full or Fitted? 1

Photo by Natasha Shapiro Photography in College Point, New York

Or Fitted?

Dress Duels: Full or Fitted? 2

Photo by Jennifer Morgan Photography in Colorado Springs, CO

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Latest activity by Tamela, on October 25, 2021 at 3:03 PM
  • Amber
    Master February 2020
    Amber ·
    • Flag

    Full! Both are beautiful, but I LOVE the ballgown look Smiley smile

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  • Caytlyn
    Legend November 2019
    Caytlyn ·
    • Flag

    Full. Fitted can work for some people, but I'm definitely not one of them.

    • Reply
  • Nicolle
    Beginner October 2020
    Nicolle ·
    • Flag
    A-Line. Some fullness to it, but not a full on ball gown
    • Reply
  • Blair
    Super June 2021
    Blair ·
    • Flag

    Full! I tried on a fitted and I looked pregnant. Didn't flatter by body shape at all.

    • Reply
  • Erin
    VIP September 2023
    Erin ·
    • Flag
    Full. I’m absolutely in love with my ball gown and was so uncomfortable in all the more fitted dresses I tried on haha.
    • Reply
  • Erin
    Expert May 2020
    Erin ·
    • Flag

    I like a combo of both!

    • Reply
  • Shequia
    Dedicated October 2020
    Shequia ·
    • Flag
    Fitted, definitely fitted
    • Reply
  • Kaitlyn
    Devoted October 2020
    Kaitlyn ·
    • Flag
    Full dress 😍
    • Reply
  • Ali
    Savvy November 2020
    Ali ·
    • Flag
    Full! That Balltown is just beautiful!
    • Reply
  • Lakeya
    Savvy January 2021
    Lakeya ·
    • Flag
    Full skirt
    • Reply
  • Jasmin
    Dedicated July 2020
    Jasmin ·
    • Flag
    Full! But some body types look great in fitted!
    • Reply
  • Tanyia
    Expert February 2020
    Tanyia ·
    • Flag
    Definitely fitted for me... Full makes me look short, wide and fluffy.
    • Reply
  • Kasyah
    Devoted July 2020
    Kasyah ·
    • Flag
    Fitted- I looked massive in a full dress.
    • Reply
  • K
    Dedicated 0000
    K ·
    • Flag
    Fitted! I don't like the whole princess look
    • Reply
  • Alicia
    Devoted October 2021
    Alicia ·
    • Flag
    I love the fitted look myself, my dress is fitted
    Dress Duels: Full or Fitted? 3
    • Reply
  • RoseSoda
    Savvy September 2021
    RoseSoda ·
    • Flag

    Full. I've always loved ballgowns anyway but fitted doesn't work for all body types.

    • Reply
  • Ellie
    Devoted January 2020
    Ellie ·
    • Flag

    I think both styles can look great but DEFINITELY full gown. There are less than a handful of times if not only ONE time in life where you get the opportunity to wear a full regal gown. I say it's the only way to do it on the big day!

    • Reply
  • L
    Dedicated May 2022
    Laura ·
    • Flag
    Fitted is my choice
    • Reply
  • Jacquelene
    Dedicated October 2021
    Jacquelene ·
    • Flag
    Full for sure
    • Reply
  • Katelyn
    Expert October 2020
    Katelyn ·
    • Flag
    I don’t like the balloons look, but at the same time I don’t like anything pressed against my body, just makes me way too uncomfortable. So, full is what I have to go woth!
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