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Day of responsibilities

Meghan, on August 18, 2021 at 8:21 AM Posted in Planning 0 8
For the wedding day, I’ve read to assign someone in the bridal party the task of handing out vendor tips & holding onto your phone. Is this something you did and are there any other things we should have others do to help make the day of go smoothly?


Latest activity by Ellen, on August 22, 2021 at 8:47 AM
  • Bird
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    I asked my sister to remind me to take my BC pill hahah, I thought about taking it in the morning when I was getting ready and then it totally slipped my mind. I also asked my BIL to pass out tips. I made clearly marked and sealed envelopes and gave to him the day before.

    You can also consider designating one person in case a vendor needs to ask a question. The afternoon of, our caterer needed to know when we’d prefer our cake to be delivered, now or later, luckily my BiL made that decision for us as we were in the middle of family portraits.
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  • Michelle
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    YUP I'll be doing that. Asking my ladies for help with:
    •Making sure my dress is fixed throughout the night for pictures
    •Creating a wedding day essentials kit for the day of
    •Setting the vibe for the getting ready space (music, drinks, etc.)•Keeping the get ready space tidy as we move through the morning •Time keeper (making sure the next person is ready for hair + makeup, and communicating with my wedding planner throughout the morning)•Portrait wrangling lol (help locating family members, making sure moms, dads, groomsmen are where they're supposed to be for after ceremony photos - 2 person job) •Reminders to eat•Help keeping me calm (keeping any and all drama from family members, vendors or any issues that may arise AWAY FROM ME) I don't want to know if anything goes wrong lol...also handling any questions or concerns •And the best one, assisting me with bathroom breaks lol!
    I have 3 ladies on my team and they all have about 3 to 4 tasks each which all play super well with their strengths! I have a super organized friend, a super neat and friendly friend and my MOH (I call her my Friend of Honor instead) is the show runner. She's one tough lady so she'll be the one handling any drama for sure lol!
    I think it's cool to give out small tasks because we really will need the help. There will be a million things going on and the bride and groom should be the last to have to handle those things come day of. So it's better to let your squad know in advance what they can do to help because sometimes people truly don't know. Especially if you have people in your bridal party who have never experienced a wedding or been in one. ❤
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  • Nichole
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    Yep everyone will have duties the day before and day of. Some of the biggest day of ones for my girls will be fielding questions, answering my phone, making sure my FH and I both eat, making sure all the battery powered tea lights get turned on. Small stuff like that.
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  • Hannah
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    My MOH appointed herself as point person for any issues day of. She also went with me to the bridal fitting and learned how to do the bustle, so she was in charge of bustling my dress. I left my phone in the bridal suite of the venue. Everyone I wanted to talk to was at the wedding lol. I didn't need my phone for anything that day. As far as tips, my dad had the cash and then I grabbed it from him at the end of the night as everyone was leaving and my husband and I personally went to each vendor, thanked them for everything, and gave them the tips. Other than my MOH taking it upon herself to deal with any last minute issues (because that's just her personality), my bridal party's job was to hang out and have fun.
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  • Mcskipper
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    Not really. Someone stashed a bag for me in a closet, and that’s where I left my phone. It was really something I didn’t need that day at all.
    I don’t like the tip thing— one , that’s a lot of money that’s just hanging out not in my hands , I want it where I know nothing is going to happen to it! (I’m picturing a bridesmaid having a wad of cash and handing it to someone else for during the ceremony and all of the sudden no one knows where it is!). The other thing is just from a thanking vendors standpoint, it’s more meaningful coming from you than a random bridal party member, ao you can go up and thank the staff getting tipped directly (and ensure they’re getting the tip!). If you’re concerned about the money day of, I’d suggest just making a plan to tip after the fact. I didn’t have cash in hand when one vendor was leaving, so I thanked them personally and asked them to send me their mailing address so I could send them
    Something — so they knew they were appreciate d and knew something was coming but I didn’t have to worry about fumbling with cash.
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  • Melle
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    I did that! it was easier for me to just tell them ahead of time. so for me because we had a lot of older bilingual guests i absolutely needed someone there to help the older bilingual guests figure out their seating, etc. so my bridesman who was bilingual was assigned to man the sign in table

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  • Meghan
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    My dad held our tips to pass out at the end of the night. I did not want to have my bridal party responsible for anything. They were there as my close friends to be a part of the wedding, not to do any work. Our planner/DOC took care of everything that needed to be done.

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  • Ellen
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    MOH will help me in the ladies room and bustle, she’s my rock. Her husband, FBIL, will be given tip money to hand out. He’s the most responsible so I’ll be turning to him. My other SIL is kick ass no nonsense so I’ll ask her to keep people at bay so we can eat. She’s my partner in crime so I’m sure we’ll get into some shanningans on that day.
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