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Covid= can't see my fh

Shaina, on April 14, 2020 at 9:47 PM Posted in Family and Relationships 1 9

Is any one else in this spot?

We both live with our families still until we get married. This has been so hard and annoying and I just feel alone honestly. My mom is mostly working and then hangs out with her boyfriend on the couch , my sister is in her room working and spends time with her boyfriend(he decided to shelter in place at our house. We are the less traditional family), and my younger brother preoccupied with stuff he wants to do and stuff. So basically I am just in my room as well working and watching movies. FH & I do facetime and call each other, but if we were quarantined together I could bare this so much better and I probably would have less anxiety too. We normally like going out and doing social things too but we like our rest times lol.

Does anyone else have a similar/same situation. It's like the wedding is on pause or something and I am just feeling really anxious about it.


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  • Ashley
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    Ashley ·
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    Indefinitely empathize with you! My FH and I are in the same situation. We haven’t been together since March 2nd. There were a few Covid scares at his job early on so he couldn’t come over my house (didn’t want to risk getting my family and I sick). He stopped over my house briefly April 4th to pick up a mask but that was it. We’re both still in school and were already only seeing each other once a week before this started so its been really hard to be a part. But we FaceTime and call everyday. We’ve been handling it pretty well bc we just want each other to be safe but it definitely is difficult not having time together anymore. We realize it’s just another hard season to get through. We’ll be so thankful to God when we can finally be together as husband and wife.
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  • Addy
    Beginner October 2021
    Addy ·
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    Right there with you! FH and I are currently living 14 hours apart (we’re both in grad school). We haven’t seen each other since March 16th. I’m hopeful he’ll be able to visit in May, but it’s possible we won’t be able to see each other until the end of June. We’ve been FaceTiming and calling. We’re already worried about our wedding being postponed (July), and not being able to see each other is definitely making things more difficult to handle. We just keep reminding each other that when this is all over, we won’t have to be apart ever again!
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  • Anna
    Super April 2020
    Anna ·
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    My fh and I are also waiting for marriage to live together. We are finally getting married this saturday. I want that day to get here already, cause with laws changing so much, i fear i def won't see him. I have been seeing him though. The day the whole state went into lock down, we actually got our keys. I am not working so to keep busy, i have been moving my things very slowly. He officially moved in last weekend, so i have been seeing him when i go drop stuff off. But if we didn't get the apartment, i don't know if i can go that long without seeing him.

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  • Naikesha
    Super September 2020
    Naikesha ·
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    Wow I never even thought about that. Sorry that must be hard not to be able to even hug him good night or just give a good hug/cuddle to help with the anxiety. FH and I decided to move him into my 2 bedroom over 2 years ago to save $$ for our wedding and a house.

    I can't imagine how hard it would be if we didn't the little things we take for granted. Hold on and continue to stay safe and relaxed your encounters will be so much more meaningful and your bond much stronger as well.

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  • Fenja
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    Same here! We are currently on different continents and can't see each other, because we are not yet married and, thus, do not count as close family. It's killing me. This exact legal BS is why FH and I wanted to get married, and now it is preventing us from getting married. I'm sorry. I know exactly what you are going through. FaceTime is great and all, but it really isn't the same...

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  • Lynnie
    WeddingWire Administrator October 2016
    Lynnie ·
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    My heart goes out to everyone who's self-isolating without their future spouse! That's a whole new level of difficult!!

    My husband and I have been digging deep to create some silly excitement in our lives (and something to talk about together!) - and have revived a few things from when we did a year of long distance. We currently have a competition going on for Jeopardy's Spring Break College Championship (he's crushing me), and each drafted fantasy teams for Top Chef and MTV's The Challenge in a private spouse vs. spouse competition for bragging rights and backrubs. Smiley laugh My older brother is obsessed with Survivor and to help keep in touch my parents watch every episode live and they call him at every commercial break to discuss the show. You could do that with any show - even if you're binge watching one episode to talk about a day! I'm sure there's also a bunch of games you can play long distance (I stink at chess... how about one move a day in long distance battleship??)

    Anything you can do to stay connected and positive at this time is so important!

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  • Nahnie2552
    Dedicated October 2020
    Nahnie2552 ·
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    The feeling is very mutual. My FH lives in a different state - about 16 hours away. Prior to quarantine, I was totally fine with the distance. Now I'm getting anxious because our wedding date is 10.10.20 and we can't visit one another b/c flights have almost been halted. We also both agreed traveling right now is a terrible idea. I miss him so much and really want him to quarantine with me but we don't have that option. We're buying a house together before moving in with one another. My nerves have been on 10 because my patience is declining. Hang in there! I see we share the same wedding date!

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  • Sweetness
    March 2022
    Sweetness ·
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    We're international long distance, so we can't see one another until who knows when. To make it worse, we'd already endured a year apart before this came along. So now we're looking at probably 2 full years apart! I've said I'm going there for a lengthy visit next time, but I've no idea how to manage that. It just sucks from every angle for us. Smiley sad

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  • Elaine
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    It's a rough time for everyone. I remember having a discussion very early on about isolation. My fiance thought my parents were punishing him but I told him very bluntly, we would not be going through this if there wasn't a pandemic going on right now. I haven't seen him since mid-March and we talk to each other via video chat or whatever, but yeah, I understand the isolation can be a bit much.

    I told him not too long ago, my goal is to get married in October. I want to survive this pandemic so I can marry him at the end of this. No one is doing anything to punish him. I pray for his health and safety everyday, my parents pray for him too. That's not something you do out of spite.

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