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Couples getting married on March 19, 2020

Schawaria & Prentice, on August 25, 2019 at 12:23 PM Posted in Planning 0 7
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Hi! We only have 6 months and 21 days left! So excited..for anyone getting married on 03.19.20, where are you with planning?


  • Yoice
    VIP March 2019
    Yoice ·
    You’re almost there! March is a beautiful month! I had my wedding March 9 of this year.
  • Cliodhna
    WeddingWire Administrator January 2030
    Cliodhna ·

    Hey there

    I'm so happy that you're looking for your date twins! While you're waiting for them to join in, tell me more about your wedding!

    Have you decided on a theme/style for your wedding? What are you colors? How will you be incorporating them in your decor?

  • Schawaria & Prentice
    Beginner March 2020
    Schawaria & Prentice ·
    I don't really have a theme but we are going for bling. Our colors are Royal blue, ivory and Khaki with gold bling.
  • Desiree
    Dedicated March 2020
    Desiree ·

    Hello fellow Brides!

    I am getting married on a Monday (WEIRD, I know...) So I'm close to y'all - March 16th, 2020 I actually have just started it feels. We just signed the contract last week for our venue, so it left me with more or less 7 months to plan everything.

    Venue: check!

    Flowers: Waiting on consultation on Friday!

    Catering: Covered by venue, so check!

    Photographer: Booked, check!

    Dress: Haven't even looked yet... Shame on me! I am looking to begin that search most likely within 3-4 weeks here. Spacing out the finances as best as possible.

    Invitations: Have my favorites planned out, and waiting for samples in the mail. Will probably add on save the dates and send those out ASAP once I get these samples this coming week.

    Grooms Ring: Just started looking... He doesn't want to go shopping yet lol.

    My wedding Ring: Already bought & sized!

    Wedding décor: Arches, chairs, carpet aisle runner, etc. Currently pricing all of that out and making decisions on that. But for the most part, the venue has that covered. I'm just trying to doll that space up a little bit.

    That's about where I'm at. Did I miss anything? I'm having a BLAST planning this wedding - Hope y'all are too!

    Oh! Our colors! They are red & peach with details of a dark complimenting pinks, ivory, cream/beige, and greenery.

  • Alexa
    Just Said Yes December 2019
    Alexa ·

    My brother & his fiance are getting married on 3/20/2020, they are super excited because they just booked their venue!!

  • Melissa
    Beginner March 2020
    Melissa ·
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    Wow! You are super on top of things girl!

  • Melissa
    Beginner March 2020
    Melissa ·

    Getting married on 3/21/2020 in Orlando, FL! SIX MONTHS away already? I always switch between thinking it's still super far away and then panicking feeling like I have almost no time left Anyone else?

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