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Coffee Beans

Courtney , on August 2, 2012 at 8:55 AM Posted in Do It Yourself

Hiya! I am wanting to do this and I'm not sure where I can find cheap bulk coffee beans. Any ideas?



  • Jenn
    Expert September 2012
    Jenn ·

    Bjs sells big bags of coffee.... Or costco. I'd just buy the cheapest one you find there... you might also want to consider putting something in those to hold up the candle, it will also allow you to use less beans! maybe some paper or a small paper cup?

  • D1
    Master October 2013
    D1 ·

    Costco, SAMs, Walmart, or the dollar store?

  • Heather
    VIP May 2013
    Heather ·

    Good idea Jenn! That way you only have to cover the top of the paper. Maybe you can ask coffee shops if they have any that they throw out? After a while they might get stale or something. I used to get the leftover popcorn when I worked at the movie theater at the end of the night to bring home. They would throw out like 2 huge trashbags full of popcorn, what a waste!

  • Julie
    VIP October 2012
    Julie ·

    MMmmm smells amazing...well I think it will anyway

  • Courtney
    Dedicated September 2012
    Courtney ·

    Thanks Jenn I didn't think of that! Good lookin' out!! =)

  • Crystal Bleu
    Super May 2012
    Crystal Bleu ·

    We used coffee beans on our tables since we wanted fragrance but didn't want flowers. I just bought whatever was on sale for a few months before the wedding. But you can buy in bulk online too, and it doesn't matter what the quality is, because no one's gonna drink it anyway! :-) We burned vanilla-scented tea lights at our tables too. Smelled awesome...

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