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Champagne Toast or Nah???

bajan_kay, on May 12, 2015 at 9:03 AM Posted in Etiquette and Advice 0 24
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Hi! I just got my final estimate for my wedding next month. We're expecting a total of 48 guests and the venue is charging about $700 just for the champagne. Is this reasonable? Do I have to have a champagne toast?

I'm questioning everything at this point, especially the budget.


  • S
    Master June 2015
    Sara ·

    I have no idea what the going rate is for a champagne toast (and it depends a lot on where you live) but that seems expensive to me. That's nearly 15 dollars per glass. Personally, I don't think it's worth the expense. If you're looking to save yourself some money, that's an easy thing to cut.

  • P
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    Private User ·

    I am still waiting on my quote, my coordinator is the only person in her department after 2 people left...but that is another story.

    I wanted to do a champagne toast, we are expecting around 230 people, well we are looking at 1700 at least for that....I say no...they don't need that. I am trying to pinch pennies now everywhere I can.

    My sister got married about 6 years ago and I couldn't even remember if she did one, she couldn't either she had to ask her husband.

    So I say unless you feel really strongly about it I would pass on it and save the money.

  • A
    VIP July 2015
    Alyssa ·

    Our champagne toast is included in our package so I'm not sure how much it cost, but that does seem like quite a lot for 48 total guests. I'd probably skip it at that rate.

  • bajan_kay
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    bajan_kay ·

    Thanks for the responses. I was hoping I just wasn't being cheap! My fiance doesn't even drink champagne!

  • SaraLep
    Master September 2015
    SaraLep ·

    Mine is included in my package, but honestly, have them toast with whatever beverage they bring back from cocktail hour. I can't even remember anyways going for their champagne at weddings i've been to recently, usually i'm the only one because I only really drink champagne.

  • EatKnitRun
    Master May 2016
    EatKnitRun ·

    I love champagne so I would try to negotiate that price down, and it's included in my package so I don't know the breakdown of our cost. But you better be getting some nice champagne for $15 per glass! It's fine to toast with whatever drink people have, so if you're not really into champagne you can save the $700

  • OG FMP
    Master August 2015
    OG FMP ·

    Our champagne cost is $2.50 per person - $700 for 48 people? That's ridiculous!

  • Natalie
    Master May 2015
    Natalie ·

    Ours is included in our open bar, but isn't actual champ. I would check with your venue/caterer and see if there is an option other than champagne. True champagne is very expensive, but there are many affordable alternatives. Honestly most of your guests wouldn't be able to tell the difference between champagne and say prosecco.

  • Lauren73016
    Super July 2016
    Lauren73016 ·

    That is waaaay too much...I'd pass. I negotiated with our venue to get our champagne toast for free (since there is already champagne in our bar package anyway), but it is normally $3 per person. So for 48 people, that's only $144. Your venue is charging almost 5x as much! Just have guests use whatever drink they have at the time.

  • bajan_kay
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    bajan_kay ·

    Its Piper Heidseick champagne, which I'd never even heard of but is good according to Google. Asking for a cheaper option is a good idea though!

  • Celia Milton
    August 2019
    Celia Milton ·

    That's ridiculous. Forty eight guests will require, at the most (for a toast) 6 bottles, and they're probably using something like Verdi or a house brand which even at restaurant markups shouldn't cost more than 14.00 a bottle. Even adding the glasses and a person to pour it for 15 minutes, that is totally unjustifiable. Especially when in some of my venues, they pour it while the ceremony is going on, so it sits there for an hour and a half....

    I don't think you have to have it; if your best man/MOH can remember to add, to the end of their speech, 'raise your glasses' no one will think you just forgot it.

  • KM
    Master March 2015
    KM ·

    We nixed it. If you're opening your bar during cocktail hour, most people aren't going to want to switch from what they are currently drinking to champagne anyway, and they will already have a drink in their hand for toasts. It really wasn't necessary.

  • Heidi
    Expert September 2016
    Heidi ·

    Yes, that price is outrageous. Just have them toast with whatever they have. I think if we do a toast, the champagne will just be for me, FH and the parents.

  • MSWedding
    Devoted June 2016
    MSWedding ·

    I'd skip it too. Have them toast with whatever drink they are drinking at the time. If you're worried about budget, this would be something good to cut if you don't particularly care about a champagne specific toast.

  • K
    Expert June 2015
    Kems ·

    Mine came out to $5 a glass. One thing I did was order just 100 glasses instead of 160 because not everyone drinks alcohol and also some people would not want to mix their drinks.

    ETA: Since it is a budget thing, just skip it. Your guests probably wouldn't notice.

  • VWCat
    Master October 2015
    VWCat ·

    Skip it! That's ridiculous. I agree with what Celia said about having the people who are doing toasts mentioning at the end of the speech "Raise your glass" or "to the bride and groom"!

  • Erica and Brian
    VIP June 2015
    Erica and Brian ·

    Ours is going to be about $7 a glass. But now I'm thinking of skipping it altogether!

  • JamieLynn
    Master June 2016
    JamieLynn ·

    That's crazy expensive! If you don't even like champ that much, just do a toast with whatever everyone happens to be drinking at the time.

  • Christine
    Master October 2015
    Christine ·

    Yeah...that's expensive. We're paying $3 per person for the toast.

  • Z
    Master May 2012
    Zoe ·

    My general rule is "If it doesn't make me more married, and I don't feel an attachment to it, skip it!" sounds like you're more attached to the $700 than what people have in their glasses when they toast, so I would totally skip it. I promise you'll be just as married.

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