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Can you get married in another county courthouse?

Courtney, on May 24, 2019 at 7:07 PM Posted in Wedding Ceremony 0 5
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Not sure if anyone has run into this situation cause I’ve never heard of it before but I figured I ask since I can’t get answers till tues due to Memorial Day weekend. My fiancé and I have our marriage license from the county we live in but recently found out our county courthouse does not perform marriage ceremonies. They provided us with names of county supervisors that are approved to perform ceremonies but they said not a single one of them has actually performed one due to their personal beliefs. I have never heard of this! So my question is can we take our license to another counties courthouse to get married? We don’t belong to any churches and love in a very rural small town in the heart of the Bible Belt. I know you can get married in any county once having the license, but didn’t know if courthouses worked the same.


  • Gen
    Rockstar June 2019
    Gen ·

    I'm not 100% sure so don't hold me to this, but my guess would be that would be fine. All I know is that you have to file the signed marriage license in whatever town you get married in (NOT necessarily where you got the license), so then your marriage certificate will be on record in the town you actually had your wedding in.

  • Keary
    Expert May 2019
    Keary ·
    It depends on the state. Some states require you to get married in the county you got the license from and some states it can be any county. There should be a marriage license FAQ on your court website that can help you.
  • Courtney
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    Courtney ·
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    Right....our marriage license is good for any county in the state, but I wasn’t sure if another courthouse would sign papers from another county. I know other legal papers have to be signed and filed by the county they came from, that’s why I was unsure of marriage licenses. Our county doesn’t perform weddings at the courthouse.
  • Sinéad
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    Sinéad ·

    Hey Courtney!

    I would recommend you contacting the county court that you are planning on getting married in and asking them directly I know that due to the long weekend, you couldn't until today but you don't want to be given the wrong information here, even though everyone will have the best intentions to help. You don't want to find out that you were misinformed.

  • Courtney
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    Courtney ·

    It really depends on the state- here in MD the license needs to be obtained in the county in which the ceremony is performed.

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