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Can we have a catholic church ceremony/blessing without legally getting married?

Brooke, on November 22, 2021 at 2:26 PM Posted in Wedding Ceremony 0 5

Can we have a catholic church ceremony/blessing without legally getting married/signing the papers? Also, I am not confirmed and do not intend to be, but my fiancé is. His family is religious, and we have already booked a ceremony and venue that is not. We are just trying to find a way to make all parties happy. Thanks in advance for any suggestions or advice.


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  • Sarah
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    You’d have to ask your priest, but usually the answer is no. Some priests will perform a convalidation- a blessing after your wedding so that the church views your marriage as valid. This requires paperwork and some priests will still require marriage prep counseling with them in order to perform this. They won’t perform a ceremony without the legal side if you aren’t married already.
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  • Sharon
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    There are usually strict rules about having made all of your sacraments before getting married in a church even if you are already legally married and doing a convalidation ceremony. You'll have to check with your local church.
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  • Michelle
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    That is something you have to ask the priest but be prepared for them to say no. At least one of you must be a current practitioner in good standing, and you must attend premarital classes through the church among other things you must agree to. They will not do a wedding “for show” only. The parents’ religions are moot because they are not the ones getting married.
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  • Kim
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    You can't and anyone who says yes will be lying. You shouldn't get married in a church if you don't believe in her teachings, that's very disrespectful. The doctrine of the Catholic Church is clear, if you are not legally married to the person or one of the partners is not Catholic this marriage means nothing and everything is just a theater.
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  • Emilia
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    Emilia ·
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    Normally that's not possible. It depends on the country though... The priest or even a pastor should ask your marriage licence before the ceremony.

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