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Bubble send off (at night) ?

Emily, on August 12, 2016 at 9:33 AM Posted in Planning 1 9

Sadly, sparklers aren't allowed at our venue/in California. I want a fun send off that will look nice in pictures... I don't like the glow sticks idea. We can't throw confetti because I don't want to litter. Bubbles might be our only option but the spot where our send off will happen doesn't have much lighting. So we'll have to rely on the camera flash from the photographer to light up the bubbles?

I would love love love to hear someone else's experience with this please!

Thank you!


Latest activity by Annette Schuneman, on August 20, 2016 at 7:07 PM
  • Emily
    Dedicated August 2016
    Emily ·
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    Maybe best option is to move the send off spot to a lighted area

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  • TaylorMade2016
    Super October 2016
    TaylorMade2016 ·
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    Bubbles, fiber optic wands, and supposedly white rose petals looks great off the flash of the camera.

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  • MNA
    Master April 2018
    MNA ·
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    I would say something that would reflect light well. White rose petals or a large, chunky glitter I think would look awesome, the glitter would almost look like snow. I don't think bubbles would work as well, I would think it would be hard to tell what they were in the photos.

    ETA: our send off actually is staged to happen following the ceremony, so it's still light out, rather than the reception. What about doing something like that, so your photos are still during the daytime, assuming it's not a late wedding?

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  • Kathryn_V
    VIP March 2017
    Kathryn_V ·
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    What about sparklers?

    ETA- I just saw you said you can't have sparklers! Sorry

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  • Mrs.KatieK
    Master September 2016
    Mrs.KatieK ·
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    Glow in the dark bubbles?

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  • Melody
    Master April 2017
    Melody ·
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    Just something to think about- bubbles can stain fabric.

    Ive had a dress ruined from bubbles.

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  • Rebecca
    Master November 2015
    Rebecca ·
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    Do your photographers have lights they can set up? That's what ours did. Once they knew the exit was coming up, they went outside and set up a couple extra freestanding lights. I actually bought a bunch of glow sticks for color but people ended up using them during dancing and just the bubbles later.

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  • Jess
    Super August 2016
    Jess ·
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    I love bubbles. we did it when the ceremony finished since we didn't do a send off. our guests really liked it tooSmiley smile word to the wise..if you use phosphorescent bubbles, there's a really good chance it will ruin your dress. they stain. I'll echo making sure it's in a well lit area or that your photographers have a few strobe lights or flash set up.

    talk to them about it and mention your lighting concerns and i'm sure they'll come up with an idea to work with it.

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  • Annette Schuneman
    Annette Schuneman ·
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    Bubbles look beautiful on video and videographers usually have lights on continuously attached to their cameras or on stands, when in the dark.

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