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Bridesmaid on crutches

Lindsay, on August 19, 2019 at 12:58 PM Posted in Etiquette and Advice 0 6
So I just found out one of my bridesmaids will be on crutches. Smiley sad I feel so bad for her and I don’t want her to have to do anymore walking than she has to. Should I have her sit in a special chair in the front and then one of the other bridesmaids hold her bouquet bc she will need both hands for her crutches?


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  • Samantha
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    That seems like a great idea. You should ask her what she would prefer regarding the logistics and if she has any suggestions, but it seems like a safe bet that she’ll want to sit and it’s considerate of you to at least offer that alternative. You’re also absolutely right about the bouquet. She could have it for photos, but she won’t be able to carry it around with her.
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  • Mcskipper
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    Ask HER what she’s comfortable with, as really anything works here. She might be down to skip her bouquet and instead decorate the crutches. She might really WANT the bouquet and want to stand, so I’d figure out how to accommodate that (another bm holding her bouquet while they walk). She may want to sit. She may think she doesn’t want to sit but the day of be feeling extra tired— so id have contingency plans.

    When you talk to her, you’ll see the parts of the experience she prioritizes. For some, they’d rather walk, and for some, they’d rather not be on display trying to crutch down the aisle. If that was the case , you could have her meet you all up front.

    Theres really no one solution , so workshop what works best for y’all . We had a groomsman with walking issues so made lists of options and felt them out with him. He was iffy about the aisle walk, but his priority was to do whatever the other guys were doing (so, him meeting us up there was out). He didn’t really want to be just standing up there waiting (even with all the other guys), so one idea was to have the guys all sitting in the front row, and then stand right before the processional started. This was our number one working option, but before the wedding he practiced the aisle walk on our specific aisle and day of said “yeah, I’m good with this— I want to walk” so we shifted gears, and had all the guys walk, and grouped them up so that he had a little support if he needed it.
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  • B
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    One of our groomsmen broke his hip a few months before the wedding. He had a walker at first which we planned on decorating but it ended up that by the time the wedding came he only needed a cane. It was totally fine! Our ceremony was only 15 mins long so he stood (if yours is longer then your bridesmaid should probably sit). He was fine standing for photos, and did a funny dance with his cane while entering the reception then threw the cane to the bridesmaid he entered with and she danced with it too, it was really funny!

    If you can I'd say get your bridesmaid a corsage instead of a bouquet!

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  • MrsD
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    I would ask her! How long will your ceremony be? Maybe keep a seat for her in the front if she wants to sit, but let her stand if she wants to? You could always tie the flowers to her crutches, or give her a corsage!

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  • Lindsay
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    Thank you! It’s a long catholic ceremony and I don’t want to torture her with standing. I’ll ask her though!
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  • Ivy ORP
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    Would she prefer a wheelchair to the crutches? Either way you could decorate them if she wants that and I would definitely offer her a chair if that makes it easier for her. You could either skip a bouquet for her or have the bridesmaid before her carry two down the aisle then hand it off during the ceremony. If they will be paired with groomsmen to recess, he can carry it out for her as well. Definitely chat with her to see what she feels most comfortable with.

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