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Bridesmaid Help!!!

Nat, on September 15, 2021 at 2:27 PM Posted in Etiquette and Advice 0 7

Hi! We got engaged recently and are starting the planning. I have three sisters and my FH has 1 brother, our options for the bridal party are:

1. Just having our siblings stand up. Would this be weird since it would be an odd number?

2. His 1 brother stands up and my 1 sister I am particularly close with stands up.

In both situations, how would we ask our close friends we want them involved just not standing up. For example, I want some of my friends going dress shopping with me and going to my bachelorette party but we just want siblings in the bridal party. I think it would still be cute to ask them to be apart of the process but I am not sure how. Any advice?!?!


Latest activity by Jacks, on September 16, 2021 at 1:47 AM
  • Janet
    Dedicated October 2018
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    Odd numbered sides are super common

    To the second part. You can still offer the invitation to both if they have the time, funds, and are invited to the wedding. There is no rule that says bridal party members only when it comes to pre-wedding events. The only etiquette rule is they need to be invited to the wedding, other wise it's rude to ask them to spend money on trips, parties, and gifts for you.

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  • Stacey
    Super May 2021
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    It's not weird at all. Forcing your numbers to match means you are probably including people who you aren't as close to. In terms of shopping and bachelorette parties - anyone you want can go to those! Just say, "Hey, I'm going wedding dress shopping on XX date, do you want to come?" Your friends shouldn't need a title to have fun and support you.

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  • Cece
    Super November 2022
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    Exactly this 馃憜馃徎
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  • S
    Expert September 2022
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    I agree with this! Just ask them to tag along! No need for a title or "proposal"

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  • M
    Devoted September 2021
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    I agree with everyone else - it's definitely not weird to have odd numbered sides if you want only siblings in your wedding party, and it's totally fine to invite your friends to go dress shopping and to the bachelorette party as long as they're also invited to the wedding itself!

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  • Mcskipper
    Master July 2018
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    1 & 2 鈥 either works, just depends on your relationship with your sisters. Nothing weird about all 3 to his 1 if you want them all by your side , but it鈥檚 also okay to just have your closest (as long as this won鈥檛 cause too much drama鈥 that will depend on your family dynamic!)

    Regarding the friends鈥onestly there鈥檚 no cute way to say to someone 鈥測ou鈥檙e not in my wedding party鈥 鈥 and I鈥檇 be concerned if yountried to do anything to make it cute or formal it may be misconstrued 鈥 if I was opening a box from my new bride friend I鈥檇 think it Might be a bridesmaid proposal and I鈥檇 be disappointed and embarrassed when it wasn鈥檛 鈥nd yet in the flipside, without that build up, I would pilsner have cared if you were just having family only. So, this is best as just a casual no pressure conversation. Just when out having dinner or drinks some time say that you guys are planning a sibling only wedding party but that you still want them involved in the parties and dress shopping etc
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  • Jacks
    Master September 2019
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    Yes, this! I would go with your siblings, all of them.

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