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Best Sandals honeymoon destination?

Mikayla, on December 25, 2015 at 7:18 PM Posted in Honeymoon 0 16
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We're looking to book our honeymoon soon and we're planning on using a Sandals resort. My question is has anyone been to a sandals and which location do you feel is best? We're having a tough time choosing.

Edit: To add, We are okay spending up to $5500 and are looking to spend about a week.


  • Carl Scatena
    September 2019
    Carl Scatena ·

    Hi Mikayla and Congratulations. One of my favorite Sandals, is Sandals Whitehouse in Jamaica. Its a little far from the airport, however it has so many amazing activities, restaurants, and the beach is beautiful. Its also the only resort on the beach, so its very private. It prices in your budget, offers honeymoon packages, and has many room options.

    For more information, please review my storefront and contact me anytime!

  • Amy
    Super September 2015
    Amy ·

    For our honeymoon we went to Sandals LaSource in Grenada.

    It was beautiful! Everything you'd expect from an all inclusive, plus it was clean, the people were friendly and very accommodating; and it was close to the airport which I liked. Oh and it's also on their own private beach. We met other couples who have been to several other sandals and said this was their favorite. We already booked our trip back for our first anniversary. I also have a friend who will be going to Sandals in Antigua as she really likes that one too.

  • Nicole
    Master July 2015
    Nicole ·

    We went to Sandals Royal Caribbean in Montego Bay, Jamaica. We spent about 4500 for everything (flights out of San Francisco). We spent 5 nights. Sandals was excellent. The difference between the Sandals resorts and others was apparent. Montego Bay was our choice because it was it was the most cost effective. We liked that our resort was so close to the airport (many of the the other Sandals in Jamaica were 2+ hour drives), that it had the stay at 1, play at 3 option, and the staff at Sandals RC was incredible and friendly.

    Sandals RC was smaller and more intimate. It was nice because we met a lot of other couples and saw them often. The private island was excellent. There is a nude beach on the other side of the island and sometimes they would be swimming on their side and you could kinda see them, but the rest of the island was great and fully clothed. The food was excellent (they had spicy fries that they didn't have at Montego Bay and I ate them at least twice a day). The resort was small enough that you could make friends and explore, but big enough that you could find little spots and not see anyone for about an hour. The crowd was a bit older at this resort (DH and I were 22 and the average age was about mid-late thirties.

    We also visited Montego Bay and probably would have stayed there just because of our personality type. It was a lot more of a party atmosphere and the average age was mid-late twenties. They also had motor water sports and a french bakery, and the piano bar seemed a lot more fun there. Montego Bay was much bigger there and much more of the classic resort feel. The bartenders were nice, but didn't know anyone's names of favorite drinks like Sandals RC did.

    The Stay at 1 play at 3 was great because we got to experience the intimacy of Sandals RC, but the party atmosphere of Montego Bay as well. Let me know if you have any other questions.

  • Happy
    Dedicated September 2016
    Happy ·

    I personally would choose Sandals Emerald Bay in Exuma, Bahamas

  • OG Kristen
    Master October 2015
    OG Kristen ·

    We're going to Sandals Barbados in 2 weeks! We had a hard time choosing which one we wanted to go to, but the Barbados resort had just opened when we booked and neither of us had ever been there. All of them look beautiful and I think it's hard to go wrong with any of them.

  • Missys984
    Master October 2015
    Missys984 ·

    Sandals Grande in St Lucia was amazing. Highly recommend it!

  • SpringBride16
    Super March 2016
    SpringBride16 ·

    We chose montego Bay because it's close to the air port, it's less expensive and because toy still ace access to the other 2 sandals resorts in montego bay.

  • KitandKaboodle
    Master November 2016
    KitandKaboodle ·

    Agree with RanJan Travel. Sandals Whitehouse in Jamaica. 

  • Kimberly Jacoby
    September 2019
    Kimberly Jacoby ·

    Hi Mikayla,

    Choosing a Sandals can be tough for couples for sure! It's like asking people if they prefer vanilla strawberry, or chocolate. They are all so very different, which makes it even more important to make sure that you get the right one that fits the both of you! The other part to figure out is that once you have narrowed down your destination, and the resort, you're also going to need some help with the 17 plus room categories. A Sandals Certified Travel Agent can really help with that as well. With so much information on the internet, it is easy to see how overwhelming it can be!

    I have a fun interactive honeymoon quiz you can take for ideas.


    Kimberly Jacoby


  • SoontobeMrs.N
    Devoted May 2016
    SoontobeMrs.N ·

    I just booked sandals ochi in Jamaica and I cannot wait!!

  • Jessica Rajs
    September 2019
    Jessica Rajs ·

    May I ask why it must be a Sandals? Did you win some sort of special prize or deal through them? If not, I'm going to recommend you look into other All-Inclusives before making your decision, if you haven't already.

    In my experience, Sandals is overpriced and not worth the money, depending on which one, and what the area is.

  • Lindsay Varner
    September 2019
    Lindsay Varner ·

    We chose Sandals Whitehouse in Jamaica, and it was an absolutely beautiful week! The food was fantastic...we really loved the pizzas at Giuseppe's, and I ate more desserts than I should have thats for sure! We did a lot of the activities, and I discovered a passion for kayaking that I wasn't expecting. Snorkling was fantastic, and may I recommend that regardless of which one you choose, take advantage of an excursion or two. It is a really fantastic way to experience some of the local culture and beauty safely. We did a kayaking/zipline excursion and it was one of the highlights of our trip.

    Sandals Whitehouse is the only resort on its beach, so it was fairly quiet, and there were no issues with people trying to sell drugs to us or anything at all for that matter. The beach is beautiful, and we played a lot of beach volleyball. We also had a fantastic couples' massage on the beach.

  • Princess Consuela
    Master November 2015
    Princess Consuela ·

    We just got back from Sandals Royal Caribbean in Montego Bay, Jamaica last week! It was my first time at an all-inclusive resort, so I can't really make comparisons, but we loved it (for the most part). The people were ridiculously friendly and helpful, the drinks were flowing, and the entertainment was fun. It was a mixed crowd, some younger people and a lot of older couples. They had some sort of "return guest" event going on, so there were a lot of Sandals veterans there.

    Pros: good drinks, friendly and fun staff, lots to do, clean rooms, lots of nooks and crannies for privacy, both quiet and lively pool and beach spots, amazing weather, close to the airport

    Cons: Beach was a little small, but still plenty of room. The food was pretty good, but not OMGAMAZING. People kayaked up to the beach selling weed everywhere (they weren't harassing or persistent, but it happened daily). Water was choppy often so not great for watersports.

  • Jacquelyn
    Super September 2015
    Jacquelyn ·

    We just booked Ochi in Jamaica for $6,700 USD including flights, but we decided to splurge on a butler suite. I hope it's worth it. Too bad the Canadian dollar gives us a horrible exchange rate these days.

  • CrystalQueenB
    Master August 2016
    CrystalQueenB ·

    Sandals emerald bay bulter suite, we're island hopping so we'll spend a few days at Sandals Royal Bahamian. 2 wk honeymoon vacation

  • Leandro
    Just Said Yes July 2020
    Leandro ·

    We have stayed in Sandals Montego Bay and our experience was fantastic. The quality of service and attention can't be better. The beaches are heaven, plus you have a lot of activities to enjoy like kayaking, scuba diving and horse riding. Check this blog to get more info about the best sandals resorts https://safarinomad.com/best-sandals-resorts/

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