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Bartender Needed!

Margaret, on July 20, 2019 at 7:48 PM Posted in Florida Planning 0 2
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Can anyone help me find a bartender near Jacksonville fl?? I’m providing the beverages but I just need someone to serve it otherwise we can’t have alcohol at our wedding!
Thank you in advance.


  • Cliodhna
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    Cliodhna ·

    Hi there Margaret!

    Welcome to the WeddingWire community.

    Have you spoken with your caterer or venue to see if they have a bartender they would recommend? Bear in mind, a lot of venues required a licensed bartender to serve alcohol. A caterer or venue coordinator may be more likely to know someone licensed

    Where about in Jacksonville will the wedding be? What is the venue?

  • M
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    Margaret ·
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    I’m not going to be doing a caterer😊. I do not think they have a bartender that they recommend but rather a caterer and they don’t require them to have a license. I could have one of my family members do it but I don’t want to take away from their fun too!
    The venue is the mansion in Hilliard!

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