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Bachelorette Party Invites

Jeni, on June 2, 2021 at 10:59 PM Posted in Parties and Events 0 8

Besides the bridal party, can you invite other girls to your bachelorette party or is it just the bridal party only?


Latest activity by Rebelle Fleur, on June 3, 2021 at 12:33 PM
  • Stacey
    Super May 2021
    Stacey ·
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    You can invite whoever you want, so long as it is within your host's budget Smiley smile

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  • Jennifer
    Dedicated August 2021
    Jennifer ·
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    A bachelorette party can definitely be outside your bridal party! I’ve been to several where I wasn’t in the wedding, and I’m for sure inviting people that aren’t in my bridal party.
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  • Cyndy
    Rockstar May 2019
    Cyndy ·
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    You can invite whoever you want.
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  • Lisa
    Rockstar July 2022
    Lisa Online ·
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    You can invite whoever you'd like! Just also make sure that anyone invited to the bachelorette party is also invited to the wedding.
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  • SHY
    Master January 2022
    SHY ·
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    You can invite whoever you want! I agree with Lisa, anyone invited to the bach party really should be invited to the wedding as well.

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  • Melle
    Legend June 2019
    Melle ·
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    I invited a friend that was not a bridesmaid to mine

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  • M
    Dedicated October 2021
    Megan ·
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    Agreed with the above - you can invite anyone that is also invited to the wedding to any pre-wedding events.

    I would absolutely discuss it with whoever's hosting your bachelorette first, though. A large guest list can get very overwhelming (and potentially expensive) for them quickly.

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  • Rebelle Fleur
    Rockstar July 2021
    Rebelle Fleur ·
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    I have three girls coming to my bachelorette weekend who aren’t in the bridal party.
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