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Average DJ cost?

Tera, on September 23, 2009 at 3:00 PM Posted in Planning 0 55
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I am looking into DJ's right now. I think that this is one of the hardest vendors to pick because if you weren't refered to someone, how do you really know if they are any good at what they do? I want to know what the average price is for a DJ for 6 hours in the Philadelphia area.



Couples tend to spend about 8% of their total wedding budget on music (ceremony and reception), and the average amount that engaged couples spent on their DJ in 2016 was $1,200.

For current cost estimates, check out WW's 2017 Newlywed Report.

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  • Lauralee
    Dedicated January 2010
    Lauralee ·

    I'm spending $1950.00 on mine - we have the DJ, MC, percussionist,snow machine and Lights all for 6 1/2 hrs.

  • Thistle
    Dedicated October 2009
    Thistle ·

    I think ours is about $550, but we picked the cheapest one because we are deciding on all of the music and giving it to them. They just have to announce and spin the records.

  • Ricky Bulles
    August 2019
    Ricky Bulles ·

    Tera, The typical cost of a Professional Mobile Wedding Deejay is typically defined as being between $100 and $300 per hour. That price range is typical of a Professional DJ/MC with a standard DJ system. Lighting, and any other type of equipment is usually an added option on top of that. The more experienced high end Deejays are typically over $200 per hour on in demand Saturday dates. November is typically an off-season month though, so you shouldn't have a problem finding a great DJ for under $1250 for a 6 hour reception. I'm located in the Baltimore area. I could travel to Philadelphia, as I will travel up to 150 miles for a wedding, but a travel fee would be worked into my quote. My price would probably be pretty comperable to experienced Deejays in the Philly area because I offer an early booking discount and my price is a little lower for November weddings. If interested in my exact quote, email me at DJRicky@bullesdeejays.com.

  • Tera
    Savvy November 2010
    Tera ·

    I am looking into a few different DJ's. My photographer reccommends someone on her website. They are JDA Moblie Disk Jockey Service, and they're located in Easton, PA. Roughly for a 6 hour package it would be $825.

    I am also looking into Sound FX Professional DJ's. Their website says that they are responsible for sound and light production at the B104 (local radio station) Bridal Showcase twice a year. They quoted me at $800. But I don't know how to choose a DJ without some feedback from someone who has used them.

    If you've heard of either of these DJ's please let me know.

  • Konichiwa
    Master January 2010
    Konichiwa ·

    Most experienced wedding DJs that I looked at were around $1000 or so. But I ended up getting a really great deal for the same service (with an experienced wedding dj that had really great reviews-even from other professional djs) for just $500! Since my wedding is off season and I booked way in advance we got a great deal!

  • Laura
    Master May 2009
    Laura ·

    I don't know about average prices, but I can recommend my DJ who in the Philly area. Be careful of "cheap" DJs, I have seen weddings literally RUINED by lame DJs.Mine was Fred Hart,he kept our entire event running so smoothly! Even when the musicians were late for the ceremony he didn't skip a beat and got the song I wanted to walk down the aisle playing so nothing would start late. He is so clear and elegant in his announcements (nothing muffled, confusing, or cheesy) and read the crowd perfectly keeping everyone dancing all night. He was also readily available and helpful in advice and info on my venue while I was going through the planning, I didn't even know a DJ could be so helpful! He even talked me out of spending more. There are few vendors I would recommend so FULLY, he is totally worth the money. No, I am not a personal friend of his HAHA, I'm just so grateful for a job well done and I believe he was a HUGE part in making our wedding great http://www.fhentertainment.com/

  • Pamela Brehm
    August 2019
    Pamela Brehm ·

    I'd say most in my area (Berks County, PA) are in the $900-$1000 range. However, I know some vendors will offer discounts if another vendor refers the Couple to them. I have an excellent DJ on my list who will offer a 30% discount when I send a couple to her. Ask your officiant or other vendor if they can make a similar offer.

  • MrsBraddock
    Devoted October 2009
    MrsBraddock ·

    Ours was $695.00 which was pretty good for our area (CT) and then 100 for him to do the ceremony music for an hour (before and for cocktail hour). The guy is amazing, and really loves his job you can tell- plus he spent hours with us in meetings to really suit our needs and what we want, he put tons of time into this.

    I can't wait!

  • Larry  Williams
    August 2019
    Larry Williams ·

    I posted an answer to this a few weeks ago, and can't find the post, so I'll repeat it. This will take a couple of posts.

    The price of your DJ service is affected by many variables. First, the most experienced "performers" are generally higher priced because they provide better service. That's because they've been doing it long enough to know what, where, when, how... you get the idea. If they're still around after a few years... there's a reason for it.

    Location isn't as important as you'd think. Most professionals are now networking with each other (Wedding Wire is a good example of that) and prices are grouped based on the following factors:

    1) Amount of equipment required by the customer. Bigger systems require higher fees. I'll explain in a minute what you should look for.

    2) Experience or skill is very important. Sure, you can get a $400 DJ, but "generally", they are new to the profession or amateurs, and are doing it as a h

  • Larry  Williams
    August 2019
    Larry Williams ·

    Hobby. The cheaper DJ's have cheaper gear and as a result, don't provide the level of service and quality that a real pro provides. You might say, "well, who cares as long as they play music"? There's a lot more to it than playing music.

    3) The higher priced DJ's have high tech lighting and know how to use it to it's maximum performance. DMX intelligent lighting for example. That's the same stuff you see on "American Idol" and "America has Talent". It's moving color changing gear that is used as national concerts.

    So, your question about how much...

    Very basic DJ's with minimal experience and adequate gear will charge in the neighborhood of $400, which should include at least two speakers and a few basic lights or a mirror ball and a few "blinky" lights. The music library will probably be illegal and not very extensive, and may play a few requests. He may not be able to "read" the crowd and the party may end earlier than you'd

  • Larry  Williams
    August 2019
    Larry Williams ·

    Like, and it should be an "OK" experience for the money for typically 5 hours.

    4) A good DJ will have a superior sound system, several years of experience, several good quality lights and the ability to read the crowd, and play the right music at the right time. He will have good MC skills and not over use the microphone. This should cost on average between $600 and $900.

    4) A great DJ will have at least a four speaker sound system with enough power to fill up your reception hall, a mixer to blend the music and the skill so there is not any "dead air". There should be several nice "nite club" quality lights and colors and patterns so that the crowd isn't bored with the lights after ten minutes. The music should have everyone out dancing and keep everyone excited. The tempo should rise and fall at the right pace to keep it interesting. His ability to read the crowd should be "right on" and every request should be considered carefully to see if it will "fit".

  • Larry  Williams
    August 2019
    Larry Williams ·

    This should cost between $800 and $1200.

    5) A superior DJ will have many years of experience, a high quality sound system with at least four speakers and sub-woofers for hard hitting bass. His MC skills should be perfect and not over the top. He shouldn't hit on the bridesmaids, drink or smoke while on duty. He should have a concert quality lighting rig with industry standard lifts and trussing. The lighting should be computer controlled and give you the nite club feel. He should be able to read the crowd so that the dance floor is full most of the night. He takes requests and puts them in the mix so they fit the mood. This should cost you $1200 to $1900.

    Based on what I've done over the last 17 years, the average cost is typically $800. I've worked for as low as $595 and as high as $2000. The level of service is factored in to that. The more I provide, the more I charge. Quality is never sacrificed.

  • Larry  Williams
    August 2019
    Larry Williams ·

    Bottom line... if you're happy with the service, and your guests had a good time on a $500 DJ, then you got a BARGAIN! If you're looking for a fairy tail wedding with a $300 DJ... it's not going to happen.

    Hope that answered your question!

  • Cella
    Savvy August 2010
    Cella ·


  • Laura
    Master May 2009
    Laura ·

    Good answer Tyrone

  • JJ
    Master December 2009
    JJ ·

    300. i think average is anywhere from the lower end of 300-600 to the higher end of 900-1200. good luck, depends on what you want, what your budget is, and who you know -referrals.

  • F
    Dedicated November 2009
    Future Mrs. Leone ·

    Our DJ = 4 hours $475.00 dance floor lighting included and mic

    Strings = $200 (intro for guests & ceremony-Violin & Cello)

    Good prices due to great referrals. DJ is recommended by my

    ceremony/reception site and strings are from my church.

  • yadayada
    Master October 2009
    yadayada ·

    I had a bad experience with a DJ my housemates and I hired for a party a couple years ago.. She was $300, the cheapest DJ we could find, but she didn't have ANY good music, she quit halfway through (or maybe we fired her, I can't remember) and she ran off with our CD's!!! So, I was careful when researching our wedding DJ.

    I'll be paying $770 for 4.5 hours of music. Our DJ has excellent reviews and seems pretty cool, so here's hoping that everything turns out well. He normally charges like $1200 but we got a discount because it's on a Friday night... Their lighting options didn't really fit with our venue so we just skipped those altogether and that brought down the price a bit.

  • Jon Margerum-Leys
    August 2019
    Jon Margerum-Leys ·

    Ask for references, talk with other brides. An experienced DJ will be able to put you in touch with other brides he or she has worked with.

  • Dan Paulish
    August 2019
    Dan Paulish ·


    I'm in Bucks County and would probably quote around an average of $900, depending on the services requested.


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