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Average DJ cost?

Tera, on September 23, 2009 at 3:00 PM

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I am looking into DJ's right now. I think that this is one of the hardest vendors to pick because if you weren't refered to someone, how do you really know if they are any good at what they do? I want to know what the average price is for a DJ for 6 hours in the Philadelphia area....

I am looking into DJ's right now. I think that this is one of the hardest vendors to pick because if you weren't refered to someone, how do you really know if they are any good at what they do? I want to know what the average price is for a DJ for 6 hours in the Philadelphia area.



Couples tend to spend about 8% of their total wedding budget on music (ceremony and reception), and the average amount that engaged couples spent on their DJ in 2016 was $1,200.

For current cost estimates, check out WW's 2017 Newlywed Report.

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  • Steve Hoffman
    September 2019
    Steve Hoffman ·

    DJ prices vary widely. Remember that there is no license or certification requirement for someone to enter the field and call him or herself a "professional DJ."

    I know of some DJs who charge less than what the hotel charges for the platter of cheese and veggies and crackers and dip they set out during cocktail hour. Honestly, now, isn't the DJ worth more than the veggie platter?

    Keep in mind that not only does one DJ's price differ from another DJ's price, each DJ will typically have a range of prices for different events.

    Hoping that it does not breach WeddingWire forum etiquette to do so, I would refer brides to two recent posts on my wedding blog. The first describes what I think are FAIR factors for DJs to consider when quoting you a price. http://goodnotedjs.blogspot.com/2009/07/fair-price.html The second describes what I think are UNFAIR factors some DJs use. http://goodnotedjs.blogspot.com/2009/07/unfair-prices.html

    I hope this helps!

  • Adriana
    Expert September 2009
    Adriana ·

    We paid $200 for our dj he also emceed, had lights, ect. and he was great played awsome music.

  • Mrs. Megyesi
    Just Said Yes January 2011
    Mrs. Megyesi ·

    Speaking as someone who use to work for a DJ company, you should not pay more than maybe $350 for 4 hrs...and possibly $100 for each additional hour. (Less if the package doesn't include lights, set up fee, etc.)

  • Gabby
    Dedicated September 2010
    Gabby ·

    Are you in the SF Bay Area? If so look in to Denon & Doyle, www.djay.com. They have great rates, give discounts for many Bay Area venues, have a free seminar and do all the extras (i.e. lighting, special effects). Good luck!

  • FMS, the barefoot wife!
    Master August 2010
    FMS, the barefoot wife! ·

    The only thing I recommend to decide between the two is ask for referals and ask questions like: "If you are unable to make it, do you have someone readyily available who is?" "Do you have an assistant?" "How long have you been a dj?" "do you have back up equipment?" "what does your package include? lights, fog machine, disco ball?" "How much an hour for additional time?" those are the only questions I can think of at the moment!

  • Juan  Sandoval
    September 2019
    Juan Sandoval ·

    895.00 - 1400.00 Is a good range for Phoenix area !

  • Michael  Berrios
    September 2019
    Michael Berrios ·

    Wow...Mrs Megyesi? Not more than 350.00 for 4.5 hours? What market is that in? Our prices start at $1200.00. No lights no fog. The average of our rates I would say $1600.00. We are in South Florida which might affect our market. We have over 156,000 weddings a year in Florida compared to 46,000 in Arizona

  • Eddie  Koch
    September 2019
    Eddie Koch ·

    To be honest for your event in the california area, we would quote 800ish with lights fog 6hrs of work and nothing less then industry(clubs, Radio) standard equipment...for CA these prices are low due to the amount of clients you get for the lower price, not the quality..

  • Chris Hintz
    September 2019
    Chris Hintz ·

    I have to agree with MB Entertainments post.... $350.00 for a hour and a half hour dance? There is no way you you are going to get a professional cutting edge company for that price. You may get a few bottom feeders who's professional equipment consists of illegal music and ipods hooked up to lighting you'll get at Spencers gifts.

    Unfortunately, dj's and photographers can buy gear online or at Best Buy and call themselves a dj. Your dj should be an ENTERTAINER. Someone who's invested time, and money to make themselves stand out from other bottom feeders.

    Dj's here start at $495 and go up to $2000.00.

    Typically "Part timers' charge less, since they don't believe in themselves or their business to treat it like a business.

    Sometimes the dj's stand for "didn't Justify" having a Disc Jocky.

    Remember 90% of the WHOLE day is attributed to the dance and reception.

  • Jeff Hunter
    September 2019
    Jeff Hunter ·

    Here are some good questions to ask:


  • Paul Eddy
    September 2019
    Paul Eddy ·

    $600 to $1,200

    With the higher prices, we provide LED uplighting around the hall and other extras.

    We don't specify a time limit in our pricing. If the party goes long, we stay 'til the end. Besides, where else would I need to go at that hour?

    Do check for references when hiring a DJ. Anyone with an iPod and a speaker can call himself a DJ, so it's best to check him out.

    Isn't it kind of a strange wedding tradition to hire a total stranger to entertain us at the reception. Plus, we let him use a microphone anytime he wants. Doesn't anyone else find that kind of risky? LOL Obviously, it's important to meet with the DJ ahead of time to be sure he/she fits you well and will do more good than harm.

  • Denise
    Savvy April 2011
    Denise ·

    Our DJ came highly recommended by our wedding/reception venue coordinators- he is charging $700 for everything, no time limit. I think we got a pretty good deal.

  • Donald Timlin
    September 2019
    Donald Timlin ·

    What is the difference between a 500 DJ & a 1500 DJ? Talent. A bride can give me the same list of music that she gives a 500 Dj & I will have 20 to 50 % more people on the floor. HOW? I am willing to give the answer to anyone OUTSIDE of Delaware. DJ, Bride or Groom. I will also show you how to shop for a DJ to get a 1500 DJ for 1000.00 or a 1000.00 DJ for 5 to 600.00 There is no benefit to me so i am simply doing this to help your wedding to be successful.

    Ex. of a good review on Wedding Wire.

    I went to a Wedding and the DJ played all the Brides requests but he struggled all night to keep the floor packed. I knew what he did wrong but she thought he was great!!!! She gave him a great review. ????? What? Why? You see, reviews are perception. When I met my wife, she thought her Honda Accord was a great car. Then I bought her a Mercedes, and all of a sudden the Honda wasn't so special.

    It will take me 10 seconds to give you all the insight you need. Call me.

  • P
    Just Said Yes May 2011
    pattig ·

    600 for lights, 4 speakers and kyd productions was very cheap around miami area.

  • A
    Just Said Yes September 2012
    Alyssa ·

    I am currently planning a Sept. 2012 wedding! I'm looking for a good DJ/band in the Albany, NY area..any suggestions?

  • Aaron DeMarest
    September 2019
    Aaron DeMarest ·

    PTE offers customized packages for our clients. Whether your having a backyard barbecue or a wedding that the Kardashions would be envious of, we do it all.

    Remember one very important fact when choosing your entertainment for your special day. You are making an investment. Be sure to find the DJ who is a good fit for you. Noone has ever left a wedding saying, "MY GOD! Those purple bows on the chairs were AMAZING." However, they will remember if they danced.

    Seek out an experienced professional who is well rounded and able to adapt to the audience's music preferences. Ask for references and to see videos and testimonials from previous weddings they have done. Find out if they are insured. Ask if this is their full time job or just a weekend hobby.

    In my 18 years as a mobile entertainer, I have seen a lot. There are $300 Djs that are horrible and $300 djs that are amazing. The same goes for the elite class of DJs who charge much more.

  • Aaron DeMarest
    September 2019
    Aaron DeMarest ·

    Brides: When choosing your entertainment for your wedding, you will find $300 djs, $3000 djs, and everything in between. The most important factor when choosing entertainment for your special day is to see if your DJ is a good fit. So before you break out the checkbook remember one thing. This is your wedding. You only get one shot. Make it count.

  • B
    Just Said Yes November 2010
    Brittany ·

    We hired Mike West for our wedding in Santa Barbara. He cost us $1500 and I'm sure we could have found a DJ that was cheaper! But he had so many wonderful things to bring to the table, which included amazing solo acoustic guitar and vocals. It was so romantic and beautiful. He did it all. The night was soooo smooth and relaxed but also packed with energy on the dance floor. The whole night just flowed. It was worth every penny.

    You are going to get what you pay for. Just make sure that your DJ and MC understands you and your needs. Make them clear! And if your in southern california make sure you look up our guy Mike West! mikewestrocks.com

  • K
    Just Said Yes March 2013
    Karessa ·

    I am in Fort Smith Arkansas and am in need of a DJ but am on a serious budget, any suggestions

  • K
    Just Said Yes March 2013
    Karessa ·

    I am in Fort Smith Arkansas and am in need of a DJ but am on a serious budget, any suggestions

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