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Stephanie, on March 26, 2020 at 7:54 PM Posted in Community Conversations 0 10
I’m getting married in August. I am worried I might have to cancel it due to Covid-19. What are your thoughts?


Latest activity by Natalie, on March 30, 2020 at 7:52 PM
  • Nicole
    Super August 2020
    Nicole ·
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    Getting married August 1st, we're not making any decisions until June/July. Just trying to be patient for now as a lot can happen in between that time.

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  • S
    Just Said Yes May 2021
    Stephanie ·
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    It’s making me so anxious.
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  • Eshell
    Devoted July 2021
    Eshell ·
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    I think the August and beyond brides should be fine 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
    Summer brides now I am doubtful ....
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  • Savvy August 2020
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    August 5th here and I think we should be fine! I’m hoping it gets better within a month or two. 🙏🏽
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  • Victoria
    Savvy June 2021
    Victoria ·
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    My date is August 22nd. I keep going through phases of being totally fine and calm to completely spiraling. We decided that we’ll reevaluate everything if/when the national ban for public gatherings is lifted (I think it’s in about 6-8 weeks?) because everything right now is changing by the day. Hang in there everyone!!
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  • Andrea
    Just Said Yes September 2020
    Andrea ·
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    I’m getting married on August 8 and as for right now we’re keep our date How’s it’s planned. If something happens we’ll postpone but I think by August will be fine.
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  • Laura
    Champion June 2010
    Laura ·
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    Hi Stephanie! It's totally fair to feel stressed and uncertain. There are a lot of couples who are in "wait and see" mode for a little while! Smiley heart

    We've started gathering resources from WeddingWire in our COVID-19 Wedding Support Central, and you can also connect with other August couples facing the same questions in this discussion:

    i need you, August 2020 Brides!

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  • Pia
    Super May 2021
    Pia ·
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    We’re October 24 2020 and I’m nervous . My bachelorette party was suppose to be in New Orleans Essence Festival and they just postponed! Hopefully We'll know more by June. Wishing you the best! Praying for all of us!
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  • Nefetera
    VIP March 2015
    Nefetera ·
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    Well i feel you are fine. Our date is May 23rd. However if i postpone it will be in Aug bc i feel in Aug everything should pretty much be back as normal. Good luck!!!
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  • Natalie
    Devoted July 2021
    Natalie ·
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    Hi there, so sorry you are going through this too, you're not alone! I've just posted a lengthy message regarding this issue. I think it would really help you to read it.


    All the best,


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