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Happily married 🎉

October 10, 2020

14days 14hrs
Let me see those rings!
Yasmine, on October 15, 2020 at 7:06 PM

I feel like it's been awhile since I seen a completely positive post. With that being said, everyone show off your beautiful rings 🥰❤️ I'll start, here is both my engagement ring and wedding band. My...

Yasmine, Oct 22, 2020 100
Did you take your partners taste into consideration when buying your dress?
Jasmin, on October 15, 2020 at 11:29 AM

Long story short, last year I bought a dress that I thought my husband would like. COVID hit and we decided to postpone our big party to July 2021 and just had a small ceremony (like there were 4 of...

Dawn, Oct 16, 2020 37
Finally!!! bam (non-pro photos) 10-10-20
Katie, on October 11, 2020 at 11:30 PM

We finally did it! After 23 years of friendship, 5 years of dating and a 2 year engagement, our private ceremony with only family and bridal party went off beautifully. We gave up a lot from our...

Brittany, Oct 13, 2020 20 1
Gifts for your spouse on the day?
Kristen, on October 9, 2020 at 8:05 AM

Good morning lovelies. I wanted to ask if anyone gave a gift to your significant other the day of the ceremony? If so, how did you present it to them? I am looking for any creative ideas. Would love...

Mercy, Oct 16, 2020 39
Opinions needed...
Katie, on October 8, 2020 at 11:48 PM

Ok so this will probably be my last post until after my wedding on Saturday but I need some opinions. FH and I exchanged our presents tonight due to time constraints and personal preference as well as...

Audrey, Oct 10, 2020 8
Who’s getting married this week? (10/5/20-10/11/20)
Lynnie, on October 5, 2020 at 7:05 AM

Congratulations to everyone getting married this week!! Make sure you come back to post pictures and share advice from your big day! Comment below if your special day is coming up so we can be sure...

Crystal, Oct 10, 2020 71 1
Just need to vent...
Katie, on October 5, 2020 at 12:41 AM

We are 5 days out and we just received an email from our church that the bathrooms inside the church are out of service so there will be no facilities for the time being at the church. What upsets me...

Sexypoodle, Oct 6, 2020 7 210
Rainy Day
Marcela, on October 4, 2020 at 2:19 AM

I cant believe this! On top of everything else, there is this!!! I am so pissed. I just dont know what to do. My wedding is supposed to be outside!!!

Kari, Oct 5, 2020 16 1
Help! What color suits should the men wear?
Amanda, on October 3, 2020 at 6:01 PM

Hi everyone! I need help trying to decide what color suits the men should wear. Our wedding colors are Cabernet and blush. Our wedding is September 25, 2021. This is the color dress my bridesmaids...

Trisha, Oct 5, 2020 17
10/10/2020 - we’re almost there bride twins!!!
Breyn, on October 2, 2020 at 11:07 AM

It’s getting so close!!! We are getting married in our backyard and it has been a lot of work but things are coming together. Due to covid our travel plans in April were canceled so I am netting my...

Katie, Oct 2, 2020 11
Honeymoon fund?
Dessa, on September 30, 2020 at 11:40 AM

Is it tacky? Did you have one? Did people actually use it at your wedding?

Erin, Sep 30, 2020 23
B&g 2021
B&g 2021, on September 30, 2020 at 12:18 PM

I am willing to make my own programs, pretty easily. I am willing to but I am wondering what other people did. I live in Placer County, and I am getting married mid-September. I was planning on making...

Miller, Oct 17, 2020 5
Wedding day
LISA, on September 29, 2020 at 6:12 PM

What are you brides ,putting out for food while you and your bridesmaid ard getting ready?

Molly, Sep 30, 2020 9
Ceremony this year, vow renewal/reception next year??
Lisa, on September 29, 2020 at 7:38 AM

Hi everyone, For those that did/are doing their ceremony only this year without the big crowd and are doing the reception next year, are you doing a vow renewal next year too? What are other good...

Adrienne, Sep 30, 2020 5
Bridal Party or Immediate Family in First Row?
Meghan, on September 29, 2020 at 8:57 AM

Hi all, As I'm sure many of us have, my wedding coming up is not the original wedding I had planned, but something we sort of pieced together last minute after everything else fell through. My problem...

Katie, Sep 29, 2020 8
Meghan, on September 29, 2020 at 10:44 AM

How is everyone's relationship with their mother-in-law or future mother-in-law? My MIL drove me nuts during the planning stage of our wedding lol, but we do have a great relationship. My wife and my...

Cheryl, Oct 4, 2020 48
How are you incorporating kids
Samantha, on September 28, 2020 at 8:24 PM

How are you incorporating children into your ceremony? I’ll have two ring bearers, my nephews ages 1 and 1.5 and they’ll be escorted by my mom. Are you having flower girls or junior groomsmen or...

B&g 2021, Oct 1, 2020 32
Special person walking you down the aisle
Cyndy, on September 28, 2020 at 6:16 PM

I’d love to hear who the special person is that is waking you down the aisle. For those of you walking yourself down the aisle I love that you have chosen to do that. For me it was my second marriage...

Martha, Oct 7, 2020 37