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Happily married 🎉

October 18, 2014

1875days 21hrs
When does your name officially change?
heidi, on November 20, 2014 at 2:07 PM

I'm going through the name change process. I visited the social security office yesterday and gave them the form for my new card. They told me all was good and I should have my new card within two...

Ariella, Nov 23, 2014 14
NaShara and Milton
Am I crazy for wanting to DIY a Paper Flower Wall as a backdrop for my wedding ceremony?
NaShara and Milton, on November 17, 2014 at 10:49 AM

So. I stumbled across this picture as I was looking for backdrops for my wedding ceremony. It's being held in an older church and even though they are going through renovations and will be done in...

SallieB, Jan 10, 2015 33
How is everyone doing on thank you cards?
heidi, on November 16, 2014 at 9:20 PM

I finished writing up thank you cards today. There's one that still needs an address. And there's a few we are planning on handing out instead of mailing. But they are written up and in envelopes. It...

Munashi, Nov 17, 2014 16
Honeymood Registries?
Amanda, on November 17, 2014 at 10:42 AM

So FH have been living together for 2 years now and have most of the stuff we need, until we buy another home later down the line and are looking to do a honeymoon registry. I'm just wondering if...

Celia Milton, Nov 18, 2014 17
Tru Lowes
Should I have a MOH? Advice please!
Tru Lowes, on November 16, 2014 at 6:15 PM

Hey everyone I'm new around here and would love some help! I have 3 bridesmaids (and a groomsmaid, who will be on my fiancé's side). Three of them are my oldest friends, and the other is my future...

Tru Lowes, Nov 17, 2014 12
Changing wedding date
Nikki, on November 16, 2014 at 9:34 PM

Hi all, so some of you may remember I posted that my venue was sold about a month ago and the new situation is less than ideal. We are getting our deposit back but finding another venue that we like...

M&M, Nov 18, 2014 14
I had no idea brides were so angry
pia, on November 16, 2014 at 11:45 AM

Once again, thank you all for your comments. I wish all of you the best, most extravagant overpriced wedding of your dreams. I'm so sorry I didn't put a "spin" on my comments. After all, trying to...

rusticbride, Nov 17, 2014 98
Groom and Groomsmen attire, help me brain storm.
Hayley, on November 16, 2014 at 7:22 PM

So the men's suits are a dark grey. Each BM has a different color of dress. Coral, yellow and teal. There will be one yellow dress, two corals and two teals. And they will be different shades and all...

Private User, Nov 16, 2014 1
Wedding dress under 300
MrsK, on November 15, 2014 at 3:29 PM

Anyone know where to get a dress under $300?

Meixi, Nov 17, 2014 19
So this is happening in NE Ohio...
Pancakes, on November 13, 2014 at 2:13 PM

Today is the first snow fall here in Ohio. It took me 1 hour and 40 minutes to get to work today. It normally takes me 30-40 minutes. There wasn’t much snow at all when I left this morning. But I see...

VMDIZZLE, Nov 18, 2014 40
Shelby H.
What is that one thing ...
Shelby H., on November 13, 2014 at 1:38 PM

Alright, ladies. I'm trying to increase the positive vibes here. Maybe it's because I'm still in the honeymoon phase and I just want to make it last as long as possible so here it goes: What is that...

Shelby H., Nov 17, 2014 49
So we invited a deceased relative.... :-\
Janeen, on November 13, 2014 at 8:29 AM

Way back when, I'm sure you can all relate, we asked my FMiL for addresses of relatives she was interested in inviting. It was like pulling teeth, took forever, addresses and names were incorrect,...

Janeen, Nov 13, 2014 29
Bridal Party Member Threatens to Quit
Janeen, on November 13, 2014 at 11:16 AM

So I know that we've had a few discussions about kicking out bridal party members....what do you do with a bridal party member who has threatened to quit at least 3 times? It's at the point where I...

Ostrich, Nov 13, 2014 43
Future Mrs. Wilson
Corset or Zipper back...opinions/advice needed!
Future Mrs. Wilson, on November 13, 2014 at 9:54 AM

Good morning ladies. I've been thinking about my dress a lot (more so since it's been hanging in my closet instead of at my MOHs). I always thought I wanted to have a corset/lace up back on my wedding...

HeavenlyBride, Nov 18, 2014 34
I'm so glad I don't care.....
ValZtoB, on November 13, 2014 at 10:11 AM

.....what people think. FH and I have been together for 12 years...13 by the wedding. Since year 2, it has been "When are you getting married? "Why don't you get married?" "Seems like SOMEONE has...

Ostrich, Nov 13, 2014 21
to hell with room blocks!
Angel_D, on November 10, 2014 at 9:46 PM

We've decided not to have any and save ourselves another 'to do'--most of the hotels havent quoted me any rates that seem worth it- so i'm just going to provide our guests with a list of suggestions...

Angel_D, Nov 11, 2014 29
Finally mrs.jkr
NWR: Harry Potter fans
Finally mrs.jkr, on November 10, 2014 at 3:04 AM

In my apartment complex someone has a wifi name Dumbledore's Office.... I was curious to see if I could guess the password (Just for a fun Sunday night challenge). I did on the first guess... it's was...

heidi, Nov 10, 2014 17
Uber Dami
Wedding Venue Blues
Uber Dami, on November 10, 2014 at 1:20 PM

So fh and i have scoped out 4 venues in person and clicked every link we could find on venues in our area online and basically dont like any of them. some are really nice but have odd rules, and...

Uber Dami, Nov 11, 2014 29
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